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View Bbc Iplayer Outside The UK
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BBC iPlayer is a free online service in the UK where viewers can listen to or download programs from the past week instantly through streaming technology or watch current episodes as they are aired. The service works on multiple Internet capable devices like computers, tablets, smart phones and game consoles. However if you want to view BBC iplayer outside the UK, they except for radio broadcasts.

Outside The UK there is no access

These programs can be downloaded and kept on your device for up to 30 days, and then the license no longer works. If you are in the UK you can watch shows like Doctor Who, the Archers or Comedy Zone, but if not, there are regulations that prevent iPlayer from letting the programs be shown and so it is not possible at this time to view BBC iplayer outside the UK.

You may be able to listen to selected radio, but even then, there are sports shows, etc that you can’t listen to or view BBC iplayer outside the UK. The iPlayer people are actually aware of the appeal of their website and are considering finding a version that would work overseas, but nothing is in place at this time.

If you try to access the website and view BBC iplayer outside the UK, you will immediately see that they use Geo-IP technology to trace your location and see where your Internet service provider is located. So, what can you do in order to see your favorite programs like the Lady Detectives, Brave New World or Torchwood?

Virtual Private Networks Encrypt Data, Cloak IP Addresses

A virtual private network or VPN is a series of servers located in various countries so that subscribers to the network can login to their accounts and route their Internet use through the desired country’s servers. This process encrypts their data and their IP address changes to the specific country of the servers. So, if you want to view BBC iplayer outside the UK, you must subscribe to a VPN service

provider that has servers in the UK.

A VPN subscription is not very costly, usually only an average of around $10 for most basic services. Check out the various VPN providers by Googling the words “UK VPN provider” if you need to use one to view BBC iplayer outside the UK. Once you have chosen and subscribed to the VPN provider of your choice, you will get a login and password to access their servers and then your IP address will appear as if it is in the UK. This process will allow you to view BBC iplayer outside the UK.

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