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Watch American TV Abroad On Smartphones & Computers
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Watch American TV Abroad on Smartphones & Computers

You can stream American TV from any country in the world. This is not from one particular service, but from a variety of services that are available in The USA. If you've got any experience streaming TV online, you've got to know by now that there's a catch to it. Like most streaming services around the world, the websites are country specific, geo restricted, or blocked - basically the same thing. To watch American TV abroad, you can use a VPN service.

A VPN service is great because it's an inexpensive way to access ORIGINAL websites and stream like you were in The USA. When you use things like special TV channels or satellite TV, there are many different filters that these have gone through. Sometimes they add subtitles, sometimes they jack up the cost. Sometimes they add commercials, or in some places like China, they'll actually change the content, and dub the programs. Most places are not this extreme, but the point stands that dubbing sucks, and sometimes changes the meaning.

So you get access to REAL America shows. Though they're not live broadcasts from TV stations on American TV networks, many times, as in the case with Hulu, they're posted the day after. Heck, with time differences, a few hours isn't going to matter anyway because you'll be asleep when they air for the first time anyway.

And Hulu isn't the only site. Hulu has a free option, but they charge for full access. Sometimes, you can get the same shows that you have to pay for on Hulu from other sites - mainly the network sites. Though not geo restricted, South Park places all their episodes online for free. Some other sites do this as well, but you need an American IP to access the sites.

So here's where the VPN ties in. When you're abroad, you have a non-US IP. To get an American IP address, you have to hide your local IP, and replace it with a VPN IP. To do this, you only have to sign up for a VPN service with VPN servers in The USA. Sign into the server, then access the sites that stream American TV shows you like. You can use a VPN on Android, iOS, Mac, Windows, and Linux. However, you should remember that not all sites are supported by these devices, so be sure that the streaming site you want to access has an app for your phone or computer.

If you're big on streaming On Demand TV, here's what I suggest for a good plan to watch American TV abroad. Sign up for the VPN - it'll cost you a bit more than $5 per month if you sign up for a year. The become a Hulu and Netflix member. Each site will cost you $8 per month. Total, you'll be spending $20 per month, and you'll have UNLIMITED access to thousands of TV shows and movies from the past century, plus access to exclusive content like Lilyhammer on Netflix, and soon to be exclusive content on Hulu and Netflix.

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