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Watch Iplayer In America On Android, Iphone, Mac, And Windows
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Watch Iplayer In America on Android, Iphone, Mac, And Windows

Its been rumored that we will be able to watch iPlayer in American soon. No release date has been named though, and if iPlayer is eventually available in The US, it will probably be limited to iPad apps, as with Canada and the other 11 European countries that can access this UK TV streaming player. There are still methods to get iPlayer in America though.

You can use a VPN to change your IP address.

Though this sounds like a shady piece of software, it's actually used for privacy and security online. Your IP address is often the door to your private information, and hiding it prevents a lot of security risks associated with accessing the internet from non-private locations. That's another story for another day though.

The point we're concerned with is that you can change your IP by using this bit of software. It can be installed on your Android or iPhone, Mac or Windows operating system. Basically, if you can get an iPlayer installed on your device, you can get a VPN to allow you access to it.

Crucial to this VPN installation is choosing a service with VPN servers in The UK. Changing your IP to a Chinese IP won't help you any. Potentially you could use a VPN on your iPad to access Canadian's version of iPlayer through a VPN server in Canada, but if you're paying for a VPN service it doesn't really make sense to do it that way. Maybe you have some other Canadian sites you want to access, and staying signed into the Canadian VPN server is convenient. I would just get a VPN service with servers in both The UK and Canada if that were the case - these are common locations.

But most people will want a VPN service with VPN servers in the UK. The city doesn't matter, but some will allow you to choose a city location.

Because The UK is a very common destination for VPN users (probably do to iPlayer and other English TV streaming sties), you won't have to look to hard to find this feature. Instead, you should be looking our for unlimited server switching, unlimited bandwidth, and awesome customer service reviews. These are the things that will matter most after you sign up and start to watch iPlayer in America. Price should also be considered, and you average service will cost somewhere between £5 and £10 per month. Services that top £15 per month are usually privacy centered VPN services and have lots of firewall or encryption features that aren't necessary for effective TV streaming.

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