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Watch Iplayer In The USA On Smartphones & Computers
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Watch Iplayer In the USA on Smartphones & Computers

Canada and Europe

iPlayer has launched its app for iPad in 11 European countries, and Canada. Though they've said that The US is somewhere next on the list, there are not concrete announcements to confirm if and when. It seems to me that with enough British expats and BBC enthusiasts in The US, it would be a logical next step. But to watch iPlayer in The USA as of 2012, you still need to change your IP address.

Access Anywhere

You can change the IP of your phone and computer, and get access to the BBC iPlayer anywhere in the world - not just the US. Even in Canada and those 11 European countries where access is restricted to iPad owners, you could change the IP of your Android, Mac, or Windows devices. So long as there's an iPlayer app that works in The UK, it'll work in combination with your fake AKA virtual AKA anonymous IP.

How do you change your IP?

Well, this part is easy. There's something called a virtual private network. You don't need any hardware to connect to this network. It's owned by a VPN service. VPN services maintain VPN server around the world. By signing up for a VPN service, you're allowed to connect to 1, some, or all of the servers in their network. Which ever country the VPN server is in, you get an IP from that country.

British IP

So, for example, because you want to watch iPlayer in the USA, you need a UK IP address on your streaming device - both smartphones and computers will work. So download the particular VPN services connection app or software, and choose a server in The UK. It may be noted by the Union Jack, or it may say "The UK", or a city in The UK, usually London. Once you've connected to the VPN server, you now have a British IP address, even though you're actually in The USA. Now all of your internet traffic will be routed through The UK, making it possible to access other sites only available in The UK. Remember though, you won't be able to access Hulu or Netflix with your UK IP!

VPN for Android, iOS, Mac, Windows, Linux

You can use a VPN connection on Android, iPhone (and iPad), Mac, Windows, and Linux. All of them can use what's called PPTP. There are other types of VPN, but PPTP will stream the fastest. If you're interested in the others, they're called L2TP, OpenVPN, and SSTP. They all provide different types of security and privacy upgrades for different types of computers and phones. These are probably best for users looking for VPN software to gain privacy on the internet (also a common use for VPNs). Since we're looking to watch iPlayer in The USA, we should probably use whatever's going to provide the fastest streaming (PPTP)

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