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Watch Sky Player And Bbc One Outside The Uk
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Watch Sky Player And Bbc One Outside The Uk

As the world gets smaller, and technology gets better, its amazing that there are still problems of regional restriction to worry about when it comes to online content.  With the boom of online television and movie streaming, it seems that owners of these television shows and the sites that broadcast them are making an effort to restrict the reach of this content.  Two examples are Sky Player and BBC One.  The issue here is that you cannot watch Sky Player or BBC one outside The UK.

Both of these websites offer television online. The advantage of television online, although you may not get the 100% fresh shows like with a regular television set, is that you can watch the shows any time of the day you want, pause between shows (or in the middle), and even watch a couple in a row.  It's totally customizable. Waiting a day or two for them to show up online isn't an issue for most people.  Sky Player and BBC One are two of the more popular services in The UK that offer this.

An issue arises however, especially for Sky Player, when members travel outside The UK. While BBC One offers free television online to residents of the UK, Sky Player requires a subscription to Sky TV, and is therefore a paid service. If you travel outside the UK you won't be able to reach either of these sites because you can't watch Sky Player and BBC one outside The UK.

Content restrictions and issues of Internet piracy are concerns for all sites that provide these types of services, and we've seen the same reaction with services like Netflix and Hulu from The USA.  Technology usually provides loop holes however, and it is possible to get Sky Player outside The UK(and BBC One as well), and it's not much of a hassle.

The issue of being able to stream TV online from these sites is rooted in your IP address.  Because you IP registers as being outside The UK, you get blocked.  Proxies are a popular way to change your IP address online, but lack of security protocols and frequently changing (or abused) IP addresses used by the proxy mean that most of the time you won't be able to get past security at Sky Player/BBC One.  This is why using a VPN offers a fast and effective solution to the problem of IP.

To get a solid and undetectable British IP address, you can connect to a VPN server in The UK. Once connected, (usually in London), you'll get your English IP (or wherever it is), and be able to access BBC One outside The UK, Sky Player outside The UK, and even BBC iPlayer outside The UK.  You could be in China, The UK, Mexico - it really doesn't matter!

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