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It’s interesting to me that even though internet piracy is going on and people can get almost anything for free from illegal downloads the movie industry is still making as much money as it always has (if not more.) the numbers speak for themselves. Avatar made well over 2 Billion dollars worldwide. The Hunger Games has brought in over 350 Million in less than a month. People are still going to see movies in theaters even though they can get it from home. Why is that?

It all starts when you approach the theater, there’s something about it that invites you in to relax. Kids with their parents are noisy and hyper but you don’t care. You’re here to see a movie. The line at the ticket booth is long while people wait to buy their tickets and scattered about are masses of people waiting to see their film. The concessions stands are packed with people buying overpriced candy and sodas. It’s a bit ridiculous but that’s okay it’s supposed to be.

Inside the theater there’s an entirely different energy. Everyone is anticipating the film enjoying the company of their friends. Everyone wants to have the best seat in the theater so they can be the most comfortable while enjoying the show. And that’s when the trailers start, it’s a warm up. It’s the pre-game show designed to get the audience in the mood of the film. And the whole audience is commenting on which movie they would watch and which ones they wouldn’t, already planning for the next trip to the theater.When the movie starts a hush falls over the audience, it’s time to take a step into another world. As the story starts we immediately become attached to the main character and we join their world and their life, leaving behind everything else from the real world. We begin to live the story alongside our hero as he is forced to move out of his comfort zone into a world he has little experience in. we follow him there.

As the journey continues we get even more engulfed in the story. We see things the here doesn’t and we want to help him. We agree or disagree with his choices along the path to his goal. And we want him to succeed. When people or things get in his way we want them gone. His enemy is our enemy, his allies our allies. This is when the movies changes from just entertainment to a real emotional experience for us.

As the movie winds down we begin to see the labors of the hero come to fruition. We’re either pleased or disappointed by the way the story goes, but either way we care. As the hero achieves his goals we are happy for him and we want to see what will happen next. But then the movie ends leaving us wanting more.

As we leave the theater the mood has changed again, sometimes we’re excited by what we saw and we talk and think about it. Other times we aren’t too happy about being back in the real world because that movie meant something to us. It’s entertainment, an escape, and an experience we remember long after it’s over.

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