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What Sites Can I Access When I Change Ip Address Online?
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Some of the most popular sites in the world are restricted based on IP address. So how are they that popular is only a limited number of people can access them? Well, people travel and move around for one. But another contributing factor is that these sites can be unblocked with IP masking software. This kind of software, known as a virtual private network, can be used on a phone, laptop, or with an external router and made to work with your PS3/Xbox 360, or internet TV. When you change IP address online, you'll be able to access some really cool stuff, no matter where you are in the world.

Streaming Television

Probably the most popular kind of streaming site is TV streaming. Who hasn't watched an episode of some show and couldn't wait for the next episode...only to find out that the next one made you want to watch the series even more? It's addicting. Every country has local TV networks and recently, lots of these networks have gone online. TV streaming is usually available for free, though some membership sites that with more than one station's programming may charge a fee.

Perhaps the most famous is Hulu. American TV shows are world famous. Who hasn't heard of Sex and The City, Desperate Housewives, CSI, Heroes, or Lost? While American have multiple resources available to get a hold of these shows whenever, and wherever, the same is not true for other countries. Hulu is a hub of American television shows available on your iPhone, Android, Mac, and PC. You'll need an American IP address to access this site. BBC iPlayer is another popular one, and you'll need a UK IP address for that one.

Streaming movies

Similar to the TV streaming niche, movie streaming websites are gaining popularity as well. Who wasn't to run to the DVD rental store in the middle of the night? Not me. Why not pay one monthly fee and get a database of thousands of movies that you can stream whenever, wherever, and on your phone, computer, or TV? Exactly. It's convenient, it's cheap, and it's restricted based on country. While there are many local movie streaming sites around the world, the largest and most comprehensive is Netflix. Netflix is currently available in The US, Canada, and Brazil, but The US version is probably the best. You'll of course need to get a US IP address for this one.

Streaming Music

The question of piracy and stealing music has been a topic of discussion in recent years. Pandora and Spotify solve the problem. Free music, streamed to your phone or computer - legally, and creatively. Pandora mixes things up and introduces new music you'd never thought you'd like...based on your personal taste of course. It even allows you to create custom radio stations. Spotify is a bit more specific, and allows you to search for your favorite songs and artists, and even create playlists that can be accessed from any phone. You'll never need to lug that music hard drive around because all of your songs and playlists are stored on the internet. on Spotify.

Spotify is available in The US, The UK, and a number of European countries: Spain, Switzerland, The Netherlands, Norway, France, Finland, Denmark, Belgium, Austria, and Sweden. You can choose an IP address from any of these countries and get access to Spotify. Pandora is only availably in The US, so again, you'll need a US IP.


For about ten dollars a month you can change IP address online. For me, that's a small price to pay when you can get access to so many free TV, music, and movie streaming sites from around the world. The fastest and most reliable way to change your IP on a phone, computer, TV, or other device is a virtual private network.

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