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Four Ways To Keep The Family Pet Happy During A Move
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Four Ways to Keep the Family Pet Happy During A Move

Just like any person can, animals can get stressed. And since moving is such a stressful business, it's in your best interest to keep them happy. Dogs and cats in particular, being territorial mammals can get upset when moving to a different place. Don't worry though, animal lovers, because here are four tips to help them through the process.

Give your pet extra attention

While you should keep your pets out of the when you're packing (to avoid anxiety and tripping over them) you should give them valuable love and affection when you're not. You need to reassure them that you will never leave them behind. Not in a million years. Take them for extra long walks, or whatever your pet's favourite activity is. Make sure you continue this affection for a few days before and after the move, as well as during. They'll get the message and the affection will remain mutual.

Try not to make your journey a stressful one

This naturally, is good advice for keeping all of the passengers happy. You can do this by planning your route carefully, so you can avoid stopping in unfamiliar places for too long of a time. If your pet known for getting rowdy or upset during car journeys, consider asking your vet for a sedative. Don't panic, I don't mean a strong one – just one that will calm them down. Your vet should know what to do. Take some treats too, just in case.

Take its home with you

By taking your pets bed and toys with you, you are in essence taking it's home with you. When packing it, use a separate box to keep the scent where it needs to be, and take it with you just like you would any other family members room. By placing it down in a new house, your friend will at least have a small corner to call its own until it's ready to get adjusted. If you're travelling with a pet carrier, keep that around its bed for a few days, and put some of its favourite toys in to create the same effect.

Make the new home feel like home

Lastly, when you arrive, allow your pet free reign of the new house you move in, with supervision of course. Allow it to explore and get used to where everything is. That includes the garden, so it can mark its territory accordingly. If you have a dog, take it for longer walks than you normally would so you can give your companion a taste of the local park, and in turn, allow it to get to know the neighbours. You can do a similar thing for cats too, if you feel it won't hate you for it; you can get special 'cat leads' so you can keep a close eye on your feline friend in the same way.

Just remember, these are only guidelines. Every animal is different and will react in different ways to a move. As long as you provide the same amount of love and care that you normally would, your pet should eventually thank you for it. Keep in mind, if you play with them often enough and keep them active, the less chance there is of them reacting in a negative way. If they do, you just need to try harder, or ask your (new) local vet for advice.

Street Talk

LOL< I made a cross country move with two cats in the 90's. It was quite the adventure. I did not know a cat could meow for hours at end, lol

  about 9 years ago
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