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How To Make An Easy Long Distance Move Into Or Out Of Solvang
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How to Make An Easy Long Distance Move Into Or Out Of Solvang

The Danish community of Solvang offers a taste of Denmark culture amidst the incredible landscape of southern California. There are shops, restaurants, and neighborhoods that all embrace the Danish style. If you’re looking to move to the area, whether it’s for a taste of the culture, a change of pace, or some other reason, this article will help you simplify the moving process. It specifically refers to long distance moves, which are always the most complicated of relocations. The goal of the article is to help you prepare for your move, so that when the big day arrives, things go off without a hitch. Here we go…

How to Make an Easy Long Distance Move to or from Solvang

The first step towards making an easy long distance move is to understand how much time you will need to properly plan for and prepare for the move. The amount of time necessary is two months for average sized moves and three months for larger moves. You’ll need that much time because you have to find a moving company, select the perfect moving date, gather materials, discard unwanted items, pack, clean, and handle anything else that must be done. That’s a lot to accomplish, and that’s why you give yourself ample time to take care of it all. The next thing you can do to simplify your long distance move is to partner up with a trustworthy, experienced, moving company. They will have the tools, training, and experience to handle all of the labor and logistics, so that you don’t have to. They will also have box trucks, or larger trailers, which can accommodate all of your belongings. Furthermore, they will be able to handle the packing for you, which will ensure that your items are properly wrapped, packed, and transported.

In addition to understanding the move itself, you can simplify the transition by getting to know the town of Solvang. Tucked away in Santa Barbara County, Solvang offers proximity to Los Angeles, the Pacific Ocean, and Hollywood, as well as, the privacy from the hustle and bustle of city life. The community focuses on providing authentic Danish fare and culture, which means that you can expect daily life to have a slightly different rhythm in town. You can get to the area by taking State Route 246, which connects to the more commonly used 101 Freeway, you can fly into the nearby Santa Ynez Airport if you have a private plane, or you can try one of the infrequent bus trips from the Santa Barbara Rail. Once in the town, you can jump on the local hobbies, which included wine tasting (there are many vineyards and tasting establishments in the area), cycling (the town is part of the Tour of California cycling event), and gambling at the Chumash Casino. If you have a family, you can help your children get acclimated to the area by taking them through one or all of the three museums the town boasts (the Vintage Motorcycle Museum is a personal favorite). By getting to know the area, it will be much easier to settle into your new daily routine.

Quick Tips for an Easy Long Distance Move

• Pack all of your most important possessions into one box, which will stay with you throughout the move. This should include Wallets, Birth Certificates, Passports, IDs, Personal Electronics, and anything else that you cannot afford to lose.

• Empty all drawers, cabinets, cupboards, dressers, etc. before those items are moved. You don’t want drawers to come open during the move and spill their contents, which could cause harm to the movers or your other belongings.

• Plan your move for the warm weather months, between May and September, as this will provide you with the best weather conditions for your transition. Rain, sleet, hail, and snow may not slow the USPS, but it will certainly slow down a move, so avoid moving in winter weather at all costs.

• Understand accessorial and special services fees that may be assessed. Ask your moving company about long carry fees, elevator and stair fees, storage fees, dedicated trucks, and expedited delivery, so that you know what you will be paying for and what is available.

Hopefully this article provides you with a little clarity about what’s to come with your long distance move. Make sure that you find a great Solvang moving company, as they will have knowledge of the area that compliments their industry expertise. If you need to find a mover, consult with the California Public Utilities Commission, which regulates the moving industry and can help you make a decision. They can also verify licensing and insurance information to help you make an informed choice. Good luck with your long distance move.

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