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Residential Moving Tips For Solvang
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Residential Moving Tips for Solvang

Founded in 1911, the city of Solvang brings a taste of Denmark to California. Whether you’re enjoying main street, Tivoli Square, or anywhere in between, you’ll find the area full of bakeries, merchants, restaurants, and neighborhoods, which all celebrate the flavors and styles of the Danes. Visiting the city is a unique experience, and living there is another pleasure entirely. If you’re thinking about moving to the area, or live there already and plan to move, this article provides useful tips for residential moving in the town, in hopes of simplifying the process. These tips come from industry experts, and may be valuable for people moving outside of Solvang as well. Here are the tips…

The Residential Moving Tips for Solvang

• The first tip for residential moving in Solvang is to utilize wardrobe boxes. These industry tools offer the perfect space for all of your clothes, as they allow items to be hung up neatly, rather than bunched up in a box. With their built-in dowel, wardrobe boxes act as a mini-closet through the course of the move. They are also an item that you can borrow from the moving company and then give back, meaning no additional costs for you. Use these to keep your clothes looking great, and the additional space below your clothes can be filled with linens and other light items.

• The second tip is to label everything and create a detailed inventory. The last thing you want during your move, or during unpacking, is chaos. You can avoid chaos by creating a detailed inventory of every item being moved (and if you really want to be thorough you can make it a photo-inventory by taking pictures of the items). This will give you a clear idea of what exactly is being moved, and what it isn’t. You should also then label all of your boxes, using the inventory as a guideline to make certain that all items are accounted for. This will save you from a serious headache during the unpacking process, because you will be able to place boxes in the appropriate rooms and know exactly what is in each box.

• The third tip for residential moving in Solvang is to pack properly. This does not mean simply throwing items into boxes and then moving them along. This means meticulously lining your boxes with packing materials, loading them carefully (heavy items on the bottom, lighter ones on top), filling the excess space with additional packing materials (your items should not move if you gently shake the box), then sealing the box shut with three pieces of tape. For large items, this means emptying drawers, cabinets, etc., removing legs, parts, and pieces, and then wrapping all items in moving blankets and shrink wrap. Always remember to keep all personal items (IDs, Passports, Wallets, Electronics) in a special box that remains with or near you throughout the transition.

• The final tip is to hire local professionals. With Solvang movers, you’ll have industry experts who also have an expert knowledge of the area. They’ll be able to work efficiently and effectively, without getting slowed down by any of the tourist attractions or tourists themselves. They’ll also be able to handle the logistics, as well as, the labor, allowing you to focus on more important things.

Use these tips to make your next residential move in Solvang a smashing success. Once you find a mover from the area, and schedule your move, utilize the packing tips to make certain that your items are protected through the course of the move. After you’ve selected a Solvang moving company, make sure that they are licensed and insured by consulting with the California Public Utilities Commission. Good luck with your move and enjoy Solvang or wherever the world takes you.

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