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Tips For Making A Long Distance Move To Or From Lompoc
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Tips for Making A Long Distance Move to Or From Lompoc

Whether your move covers a hundred miles, or half a mile, relocations are always complicated. You must handle the logistics and planning (including finding laborers and suitable vehicles), as well as, gathering materials, packing, organizing your change of address, etc. There’s a lot that needs to be taken care of, which is why it’s best to partner up with a trustworthy and capable long distance moving company. In addition to finding a great moving company, there are some little tips and tricks which will simplify the process for you. These tips and tricks come from the industry’s finest professionals, and are sure to make your life a little bit easier.

The Tips for Making a Long Distance Move to or from Lompoc

• The first tip for making a long distance move is to utilize local resources to obtain materials. You can choose to pay a moving company to provide you with packing materials, or you can decide to obtain those items yourself. You will need tape, boxes, packing paper, moving blankets, and shrink wrap. These items can all be obtained from local grocery stores, office supply stores, or moving supply stores (also try self-storage facilities). Grocery stores will get rid of old cardboard boxes, so you can try a local Ralphs, Albertsons or Vons. For the tape and packing paper, you want to try the local Staples. For shrink wrap and moving blankets, try the local U-Haul neighborhood dealer. If you find that these items are not available from the aforementioned locations, then you should purchase them from your long distance moving company.

• The second tip is to pack a special box, which contains all of your most valuable and important items (IDs, Passports, Wallets, Personal Electronics, Birth Certificates, etc.). Although you should let the professionals handle any packing, because they have the training and experience to properly protect your belongings, there is one box that you should pack yourself. This box will contain all of your most valuable and important documents and items. In addition to containing all of the items that you simply cannot afford to lose, this box should stay in your sight or possession throughout the relocation. The goal here is to prevent stress and headaches during the unpacking process, or in the event that you need one of these items during the transition. Also, make sure to label the box so that you know exactly which one that it is.

• The third tip is to schedule the move for a time when the weather will work in your favor. Obviously, we can’t always schedule a move for when it suits us, but if you can, then plan your move for the summer months. The summer is the busy season for the moving industry (school’s out, people have vacation time, tax returns are in), and you can get the best rate on your long distance move between the months of May and September. Additionally, this is also the time when the average rainfall is at its lowest in Lompoc, and the weather will not adversely affect your move. Snow, sleet, rain, hail and other inclement weather can significantly impede the progress of long distance move, costing you money and leading to unnecessary stress. Avoid the trouble by moving during the summer months, where you’ll find the process is much more enjoyable.

Use these three tips, along with the assistance of a great long distance moving company, to make your next relocation an effortless and enjoyable experience. If you still need to find a mover, then consult the California Public Utilities Commission, as they can help you find a suitable company. Once you have a Lompoc long distance moving company, verify their licensing and insurance information with the CPUC. Good luck with your long distance move, and enjoy Lompoc or wherever life takes you.

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