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In this life we live, where there are so many uncertainties, many feel it is good to believe in something or someone. Never shall our belief system crumble....but one has to ask self, " what can I personally do to keep this system intact? Is this not a worthy topic to discuss?

Support blotter. For the families and close friends of us musicians, you had to have been extremely supportive and patient because we can be quite a handful at times, whether it is for arriving home all hours of the night, violating the quiet zone or having to hear songs you really don't like. Sometimes you'd ride along to the gig' and have to park the car, then after dragging the amp for guitar in, you were held hostage for the duration of the gig, which could be hours long. How can we repay you for your undying support over the years?

You ran down to the store to purchase a 9-volt battery for my guitar just in time before the gig got started.....I must not forget the assistance you gave in hauling all that equipment to the 3rd. Floor, just so I could save some energy to perform. What about the time you loaned me your car so that I could get to the gig and when I forgot one of my fender jazz basses, you borrowed someone else’s car just to bring the guitar to me. I never heard one complaint from you, not one.

Player in distress! I would be remised to not mention the time when my vehicle was towed while I was performing. I know you had plans with the wife but you stayed for the whole gig, rode me around for an additional 2 hours, until we found my vehicle, made sure I was safe before you left.

I must be a part of your belief system because you have never let me down. Most of us musicians, especially those who are of the working kind, have had a difficult time as we learn to make music a means of income because there is so much more involved than turning on an amp for guitar and performing.

Huh! Wouldn't it be nice if everyone had at least one person in their life that stood by them, for them and with them, regardless of how inconvenient it was to do so? The belief system works and I openly endorse whether the player is of music, tennis, basketball, baseball, hockey, golf or chess.....make sure you support your local player'

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