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Have you ever tried to juggle at least 3 balls, like they do in the circus? 3 balls is being very conservative, how about 5, or 6? Our article today will discuss how difficult a task it is to balance your musical passion with family obligations....Sure, it may sound simple to some but if you're anything like me, it can be seemingly impossible.

Those were the days. If you've been at this music thing since school days and you now have a family with teens or young adults, then you can look back and see how things were, back in the day. I can remember back in high school when all I had to do was get up, go to school, go to school band practice, go home, clean my room, do homework, more personal practice, go outside with friends for a while, get ready for bed and 1 last practice.....Simple as that!

I remember asking my teen daughter, a few years ago if she wanted to go with me on a gig'......she acted as though I was asking her to sit through a marathon of funerals! She replied, "uuuuh, no way"! Does that sound familiar to you? At that point, I really felt Of course, what 17 year old would want to sit and listen to jazz music for 2 hours? I recall my whole family, including mom and siblings, highly interested in my performances, at the time.

O' the changing times. What about while driving home from work, you hear a great song, making you tap the steering wheel, shake your head and reminiscent of when your old band played that song. Now you are all fired up and plan to pull out the guitar as soon as you get home and when you do so, the wife is staring at you, wondering why you are not pulling out that lawn mower instead. The kids are reminding you of the promise you made to take them to the mall after cutting the lawn and the wifey demands you give her some quality time when you get back from the mall with the kids.

'Ever feel the urge to sneak the guitar in the bathroom and get some practicing time in there? What ever happened to the time when your guitar was on the stand waiting for your return. Don't try it now because there is oatmeal that can't wait to be poured all over it.....c/o lil suzy'. Never before have you needed a hardshell case for guitar like now! kids do some amazing things with food to guitars and bass instruments.

If the wife has lost her support for your music through the years, don't feel too bad. Only feel bad when she opposes it.....A snarl or an occasional eye rolling from her might be getting off easy when you pick up your guitar or have to go on a gig'. Just pray that one day, on your way home from work, there is not markers on the neighborhood posts, saying, " guitar for cheap price " and as you get closer to your house, you see " amplifier with speakers give away ".

Obviously, we cannot re-live the good ole' days but we can make the best of today. Just remember to alway's dedicate quality time with your family, assuring them how much music has alway's meant to you. Don't make deals with your family, just show that you are willing to work for their consideration of what you are passionate about. It will work out, my friend!

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