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Have You Gotten Tired Of Knocking On The Door Of The Music Industry And Getting No Answer?
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Have You Gotten Tired Of Knocking on the Door Of the Music Industry And Getting No Answer?

You work hard on your music. Spent countless hours crafting beats, writing rhymes, recording and mixing. You've spent money on equipment, mastering and even some of your own promotion. All of that just to send your music to record labels and never get a response. Or to go to your local radio station just to be told that your work is not "what they are looking for" when you hear them play subpar music from established major label artists 24 hours a day!!

At this point you feel like giving up. After all, this music stuff takes alot of time and money, and if the music industry is going to be an impenetrable wall, you may as well get on to something that will pay the bills.

Whoa whoa whoa whoa, waaait a minute! Do you think that there will be no new artist to ever make money at making whatever type of music it is they make? And do you think that being on a major label is the only way to earn a living from your music? This way of thinking is millions of miles away from the truth.

Just maybe you dont need a record label at all

One of my biggest goals in life is to not have to work for someone else. I imagine that there will be an unexplainable feeling of freedom to come from that. I am an artist in quite a few areas, and music is one of them. There is a freedom that I feel when Im making beats or writing rhymes, that I couldn't imagine being on a major label, with some A&R telling me how to make my music!! Once you can get past the dreams of fame, and being apart of some elite circle, you can start to realize that there are ways for you get your music to the masses and earn a living from it all by yourself!!

"Well how can I do that?"

With internet of course!!

Im sure you know the internet is a powerful tool for the promotion of just about anything. You can type any stupid thing you can think of in to the You Tube search engine and get countless results. Some of these ridiculous things even get millions of views!! Musically a good example of someone who used the internet to be a successful independent is Soldier Boy. Personally I 'am not a fan of his music, but I 'am a fan of his hustle. He was already getting pretty wide exposure on his own with social sites and You Tube videos to the point that I believe that he could have stayed independent and had just as much success. The "Superman" song had gotten pretty big before he was signed and its success was the reason he did eventually get himself signed to a major label.

Drake is another guy who was very successful (no pun intended) online before he was signed to Young Money. I know these guys are huge major label stars now, but for those of you who just really want to be famous too, initially this D.I.Y. route could get you some major label attention, although even this way is more competitive these days because more artist trying this out. But to stay on the D.I.Y. way to earn money with your music subject, I'm going to talk first to the beatmaker/producers out there. There are aloooot of way to get paper with your beats online!!

Make money selling my beats online?

In the words of Lil John, YYEEAHHH!!!! Think about this...Everybody, I do mean everybody wants to be a rapper. And not just in your hood in anywhere in America. Im talking overseas. There are people in France who are into hip hop!! But guess what the rappers need? Beats! And you have tons of beats that you have been trying to get into the "right hands" because you dream of Jay-Z paying you 6 figures a beat, and that you will get credits on Blueprint 4. Im not saying that your dream wont come true, but while you and a million other talented beatmakers are waiting for this dream to come true, your beats are making you

And while your beats are collecting dust on a hard drive, there are guys who you may never hear of making 5 and 6 figures by selling their beats online to average Joes around the world. Yup, some of these guy may still end up with major label placements, but they have learned to monetize what they have now. Many build websites and use internet marketing methods to achieve this.

Some advantages of this are that you can sell 1 beat multiple times as non exclusives. You can make money to buy more equipment, (because God Knows it aint cheap) or like I said earlier, its not uncommon for someone to make a living this way. Meaning they make enough from their beats to not work a day job!! Kane Beatz, a producer who has quite a few major placements these days, started out this way. I remember reading some where that he was making 3 grand a month from selling beats online!! That was back when Scratch magazine was still going strong. Hes done beats for Jezzy, Lil Wayne, Rick Ross, Chamillionare, Trick Daddy and quite a few more. But there are plenty of beats sites you may come across on line that are owned by beatmakers like Kane who make hot beats who will just remain anynomous and generate a substancial income. That is because there only so many major labels placements to get, when there are so many producers out there. So the moral of this story? : Dont let your beats collect dust while waiting for Kanye's people to call you for a hot track. Sell them to people around the world who want to pay for them now!!

Now for the rapper/ artists

Ok. For you rapper and singer types who have products. Products like mixtape /albums recorded or even videos, you can do similar things. More than likely you already have some sort of web presence, via social media, or you may already have a dedicated website. This is great because you are going after a different audience than the beatmakers. You are the audience/ customer base for them. Your audience/ customer base is the fans of you and what ever genre of music you do.

So a very powerful way for you to actually sell you music to them is an internet marketing tool called an opt in box on your web page. Its best to have what ever social media you use back linked to a dedicated website of your that is all about you an what you are offering. More than likely you have a relationship with you fan base, indicative of the amount of friends and likes and Twitter follows. But If you have something you want to give or sell those fans, how do you do it? You email your list.

Huh? E-mail my list?

Yeah, e-mail your list of customers. This is an internet marketing strategy that you can use to effectively market your music. Having an opt-in box connected to an autoresponder will help you build a list of fans who want what you are offering, and are likely to buy from you. This is how you keep in touch with these people. I've gone to many indie artist sites who I've liked, but they had no way to keep in contact with me or the fans that have come across their page.

That means that if they create another product, there is no way for me to know, unless I just stay on their site daily. But if they have an opt-in box on their page, I would give them my name and email to join their list to keep me informed of what they are doing. That is building a tangible customer base. Without this visitors to your page may be lost forever. Even if they like your music. But people will check their e-mails more often than your static site, and your series of e-mailings will remind them that you are alive.

These are just some tips I've learned about bypassing the major labels, and monetizing my musical projects from Postman at Live off Beats, Mr.Jason at Music Man 101, and Greg Rollet at Gen-Y Rockstars. I think they're quite useful for anyone kind stuck in a rut, and tired of running in to locked industry doors. Sometimes you have to make a door, or go to a different building altogether. Either way dont give up. Instead of trying to get into the industry, if you stay on the grind, the industry may come to you.... and ask you to come on in......

Stay Hustlin

Mike Troy

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