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Today were going to talk about song writing. It's not really hard to do, all you'll need is a music track and words to go with music and you have a song, but the key is to write a song that someone going want to actually want to hear, people would want to pay for, and artist would want to possibly record for their projects.There are ways to structure a song, topics to write on, and experiences to pull from that makes for a great material and possibly a hit single which could net thousands if not millions of dollars if recorded by the right artist, here are some tips on writing a great song.

1.Draw from inspiration: The best songs come from your inner most experiences or from those of others whom you've been associated, if it inspires you to write a good story, it could become a great song.

2. Find your topic: There are many topics to structure a song around the most popular ones being love, heartache ,money, and betrayal find out what you want to write about and build your structure around it.

3. Start with your hook/chorus: when starting a song, usually best to nail down the chorus or the hook. It's the part of song that's everyone going to know, usually the most catchy, it is foundation that you build your song on.

4. Structure your songs correctly: Always structure your songs using the correct method you'll need at two least two verses,a great chorus and whats called bridge, normaly its at the end of songs, and brings it together. A place inside song where you can get creative.

5.Think outside the box: Develop your own style and technique write as often as possible, be creative, and unique theirs a lot of different things to talk about and a lot different ways to say them find your groove and send it to the world.

Bottom line is as a songwriter you are an artist,and your music is your canvas, draw inspiration from the your world and the world around you. Paint beautiful pictures from your interpretation for the world to connect, relate to, and become motivated by. Your songs are your voice and can carry great power and live on to bless people even long after your gone so write on be creative and bold in your songs and maybe one day one of your masterpieces will inspire the masses.I hope these tips help someone starting out in the song writing business and come to write more great and potentially hit songs. Peace and Blessings

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Useful tips, Reggie. Yes the best songs do come from within! Best wishes

  about 9 years ago
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