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The Art Of Noise?
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Can you imagine being wakened by an abrupt shriek? Or maybe during your family's dinner hour, you hear what sounds like a commutor train's skreeching brakes, along with never ending bumps and thumps and giant pots and pans, being thrown to the floor repeatedly! What you've experienced is the title of our discussion- The art of noise.

Not to worry, your neighborhood is not singled out for this cruel and unusual punishment.....There are beginner to intermediate garage bands out there and everywhere! Well, what do you do when this happens? Do you keep quiet and endure, or do you call the police?.....I guess you could go down there and smash up the bands equipment. That would certainly make the neighbors happy but you'd get a chance to break in those new cot's in the local police departments jail cell, along with an expensive band equipment tab.

Can you compromise some? As a band, you could try to reason among yourselves, saying that you have a right to play as loud as you want but is that really being neighborly? Granted, If you play during the day, you'd really have to be performing at seriously high levels in order to tic' off the neighbors. Have you given thought to night workers or infants that take naps during the day?

You might consider closing the garage door, this will decrease the sound substantially. Or if you are playing in the house, try closing the doors, maybe even the windows.....This may be uncomfortable for you guy's but it is an effort that wont' usually go unnoticed. You may even see this as quite a stretch but it may even be a good idea to let some of your neighbors know you're gonna' be practicing, prior to your playing, this way they may even make some adjustments in their plans for a few hours.

Work to keep mutual respect. We need our neighbors and they need us as well, that is all the more reason to make a good effort to preserve mutual respect. Yes, these day's it pays to have good neighbors, especially when they can avert some troubles like in the event of a fire, burglary or anything at all. I believe the saying that a little respect goes a long way.

Our garage may be our music stage but timing, consideration and most of all, volume play a big part in the peacefulness of our neighborhood. An amplifier and speakers can make or break I would say, in the case of an inexperienced band, why not learn how to make music a pleasant experience, not only for yourselves but your listeners too. Loud music can move and motivate as well but focus on the content and quality of your music.

For guitars and bass, you can obviously adjust volume and really, the more experienced the drummer becomes, the more control he has with volume also. This is strange but have you ever heard the statement, "you get more attentioin with lower volumes"? I was told that the listeners have to pay more attention because the band could not be

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