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Ever' Thought about being a producer? If so, you are embarking on a sometimes very tough undertaking! Let’s discuss some of the "hats" that a producer wears and see if we can turn this into something that someone can enjoy reading and at the same time learn a little as well.

What does a producer do? First, we must say that a producer has to have knowledge of music, first and foremost. Often times, he/she is an accomplished musician, sometimes on many instruments. However, you will notice he tends to stay close to the piano, this way he can establish not only chord concepts but melody as well. Obviously he would need to convey ideas to his artists.

An example: Jessica has a beautiful voice and her parent’s wants to showcase her natural talent so they enlist the help of ralph, a music producer. Jessica has a few songs she wrote with only the lyrics. Ralph examines the words and hears her melody.......He then comes up with music that fits the voice and ties in the melodic concept also. Ralph uses software for music composing to add that professional touch to his project. Some producers use software to create sheet music for the piano.

After the music is composed, it is recorded; each instrument used is put on a multi- track recorder and once this is complete, Jessica listens to the product and ralph arranges to have her sing from a separate booth while wearing earphone monitors, where she can hear a mix of the music, along with her voice. At this point, ralph is just about ready to mix-down or polish the song with the vocals added.

How is the producer paid? Of course, no experienced producer is going to get right to work on a project without discussing compensation first. Pay structure varies with the way the producer chooses to operate; he may as an example quote a price of $1,500.00-$2,500.00 to produce a song. There may be a deposit up front and the balance after mix-down. If there is an album to be produced, this cost can be whatever the producer quotes but count on it being quite expensive. Up to this point, we are talking very small project size.

A producer’s job can be very complicated. He has to make this song sound good, you already think that is sounds good but then, that’s normal for you to feel that way....You're on the song. But others have to be helped to like your song. It is up to your producer to make the song sing itself.

Cheers to you, producers. You are responsible for so many songs we love to hear but if it wasn't for you staying up at night, mixing and moving structures around, we would not have liked that song....You guys put life into those songs, making them worthy of our hard earned money and good graces.

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