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Thoughts On Auditioning For The Voice
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While watching NBC's "The Voice" on the evening of November 19, 2012, I learned that interested individuals could audition for the show. I imagined myself performing on stage in front of screaming, cheering fans. What would I wear? What would I sing? I then started thinking about how my life would change if I became a singer.

First, my husband and I would finally have enough money to live comfortably. We could pay our bills, never have to ask for financial help from family, and be able to do some things that we have been talking about doing. My husband wants to travel for his writing, for example. He wants to experience other countries with his five senses so that he can give his readers an authentic experience. I want to be a contestant on ABC's "Who Wants to be a Millionaire?" If I were a singer, I could donate my winnings to my favorite charity, rather than keeping them for us. We would have the money for both of these experiences if I were a singer. My life would change in other ways, as well.

Another way in which it would change is that I would have millions of fans around the world. They would write me letters, and I woud send each one a personally autographed photo, rather than one with a stamped signature that was not real. That way, the autograph would increase in value as time passed. Then, if a fan needed money, he could sell the autograph, get the cash he needed, and be alright.

Third, I would have a very busy schedule. I would be in the studio every day, working on my album. I would be frequently brainstorming ideas for new songs. I would also be going on tour. When I was not busy with music, I would be working on me, continuing my running, staying in touch with family, working on my blog, and squeezing in some beauty sleep so that I could stay well.

Fourth, a singing career would give me many ideas for my blog. I could write about the different places where I perform, the experience of performing on stage, and the many wonderful people that I would get to meet in the course of my career. Also, my devoted readers would finally be able to put a face to the name Hollie E. Townsend.

Finally, I am an introvert. A singing career might get me out of my shell and make me more comfortable around others. My life would change for the better in many ways if I became a singer.

However, I think that I am better suited for writing and online publishing. I enjoy having readers following my work. I doubt that anyone will see me on "The Voice" anytime soon, but who knows?

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