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2 Elements To An Effective Singing Performance
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Did you ever wonder why singing performances are such crowd drawers? Whether you're a karaoke newbie or a seasoned performer in front of thousands or anything in between, there is one basic common element in a power performance: mindset.

An artist's performance all begins in his or her mind. What he or she thinks and feels about performing is what's going to reflect on their actual performance, and singing isn't any different.

Of course there are other factors such as preparation and skill level. But you can have all the skill and talent in the world and still lack that extra "oomph" and charisma if you don't have this in your performance.

Let's look at the two basic elements the mindset of an artist must get into in order to have a noteworthy performance:

1. Confidence - given that you knew how to apply all the techniques to sing correctly and sing well, know your song like the back of your hand, studied how to hold your mic and move on stage, all this preparation would still make it hard for you to sing your best IF you don't believe in yourself.

Consider this for a moment: singing is just like talking on pitch. Imagine calling for help when you find that your wallet or your phone is missing, and you do so shyly or reluctantly. Do you think people will take your cry seriously, let alone believe you? Probably not.

The same goes with singing. You can't make your audience jump, cheer, laugh, or cry if you sang nervously or sang like you're not sure of yourself.

That moment is yours. It's your chance to shine, so seize it. Don't give your audience the power to affect the way you feel, it should be the other way around.

Doing so would like giving your dog the power to order you around. It's not only funny, it's ridiculous. So once you get up there, don't give self-consciousness a thought and sing to them what you're singing!

2. Sense of Fun - have you ever wondered why people tap their feet to upbeat music, sing along to songs, learn how to play instruments, and go to concerts? The answer is simple: it is fun! So it is with performing a song.

People are naturally drawn to people, things, and places that make them feel good. Think about it. Would you enjoy watching a singer perform if he took himself too seriously or too tense on stage? Would you enjoy a song if the singer sung it like he had no choice? Probably not.

No matter how bad you sound now or how good you already are, it is more likely that people will enjoy themselves around you if you project the image that you are enjoying yourself.

It is the experience you give them-- like a good movie, a good story, or a compelling game-- that puts them at the edge of their seats and gives you a standing ovation.

So more than anything else, when you sing, be confident and have fun. You will never go wrong and wow your audience every time.

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