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3 Things To Do When Voice Lessons Don’t Work
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You know all the techniques and lessons, you know how to apply them, but you occasionally slip to your previous problems, or you still lack that certain X-factor and appeal.

Given there is nothing wrong with your chords, and before you even think that you are not cut out for singing, the fact that you have improved just one tiny bit means you can still improve some more.

When all the lessons are over, and you’ve exhausted all the exercises and techniques, sometimes it is more an issue of the mind than an issue of skill. Here are a few more things to go over just when you think you could never reach your dream:

1. Don’t be afraid to let it out - don’t be afraid of your own voice, singing shyly like you did some sort of crime you feel guilty about!

Imagine if rock stars didn’t scream, if sexy stars shied away from seducing, if comedians reluctantly recited their jokes. Do you think they would have any impact at all?

The same goes with singing. When you sing, play the part and internalize your role even before you open your mouth to start.

2. Be friends with your voice - accepting the whole package, cracks and soreness and all. Do not only stop at acceptance, go further by celebrating your unique voice as well!

Celebrate it by letting it be heard. As you won’t be ashamed to flash a wide smile when you have a good set of teeth, and as your not ashamed of your own friends, don’t be ashamed of your own voice and use it to let the best parts of your personality shine through.

Dress it up with practice. Find out what makes you different, take note of your best strengths, and work with it. Don’t be afraid to express how you really feel. As much as your voice is a part of you, don’t forget this last tip:

3. You are not your voice – sounds like a contradiction to the previous tip? Not really, an oxymoron maybe. Like chefs to their cooking, writers to their books, don’t be offended if others don’t like it or suggest changes.

Your voice may be a part of what makes you special, but if it fails you, remember that it isn’t YOU. If it goes wrong, fix it. If it doesn’t work with you today, try again tomorrow.

But don't let so much as a mistake to discourage you from ever approaching it again and resenting others, or worse, resenting yourself.

Prepare mentally and physically, sing like a star, leave it, and commit to making it better and better, the way sportsmen and gamers do!

When you start approaching singing imagine not giving a care as to what comes out (now that you know the techniques), not caring about what other people think, and saying what you really feel. It’s not really as different from saying what you really feel, only with tone.

Like speaking about something you’re really passionate about and believe in, sing like you mean it and mean what you sing!

So now you have the last three things to go over when it feels like you’re still not singing your best in spite of knowing how to do it properly.

Go out there, apply what you’ve learned, don’t hesitate, don’t look back, and have fun, because singing was meant to be fun in the first place, not something you should be stressed about.

When you have fun, your giving fun to others, and that’s the whole point of singing after all whether you’re a newbie or an all-time Grammy awardee. Happy Singing!

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