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Become A Complete Hip Hop Producer
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Become A Complete Hip Hop Producer

What does it mean to be a complete producer? Hmmm... For some it could mean alot of things. Some think you need to know how to play instruments. Others think you you should have D.J. skils and be able to crate dig for that obscure loop and be able to flip it like you rock with ghost of J Dilla. Some think that as long as the beat bangs in the club, it is the work of a complete producer.

Well as a matter of fact none of those things matter as they are matters of opinion. But what does make a complete producer are fundamentals. Like being able to understand sequencing, counting bars, knowing song structure and things of that nature. I've been making beats since 50 Cent first hit the scene, so I have a few years in the craft. Nevertheless, there are always new thing to learn as music advances in regards to beatmaking/ producing. I'm not exactly an old dog yet, but I've had to use older equipment long enough to get set in my ways, and that can make it hard to transition into newer equipment/ software and musical trends.

But there are ways to overcome this. If you know other who are also in this craft, you can hang around studios and watch other cats get down and pick up different things. But in my circle, dudes are a bit competitive and secretive because alot of us are making money from our beats in the streets, and to help each other out would be like taking food from each others mouth. Think what if Tony Stewart let Kurt Busch hang out in his garage and see what tuning tricks his crew did with their cars before races. So that could leave us to hit up You Tube to learn tricks to improve out beat making skills, but that still may not cover everything.

So how to overcome this issue.

One way I figured out how to learn some new equipment and drum programing to add to my repertoire was to find a secret weapon. For me that secret weapon was an instructional program called Music Producer Pro. I needed to understand how to lay up to date drum patterns that rappers on the current rhyme pattern trend could rock too. To explain what I mean, hmmm, I've been making beats for a while, and my favorite producers that I tried to emulate to some degree, are guys like Dilla, Dre, Alchemist etc. But it takes a special kind of lyricist, like a Royce the 5 9 or and Eminem, Elzi, or guys like Phonte from Little Brother to really rock on beats with that kind of swing.

Most current local rappers, who buy beats on or off line these days rhyme like Lil Wayne, Rick Ross, Big Sean or Wacka Flockka and Gucci Mane. These guys for the most part have super simple raps with not much subtance. No offence to any of those guys or fans of them, but they require songs with alot going on in them, like crazy drums patterns and break downs, in contrast to the in the pocket grooves and bouncy basslines that I normally do in spirit of Dilla. All of the theatrics in these beats make up for the fact that these guys wouldn't sound too hot spittin these rhymes with no beat, unlike hearing Royce kill it acapella.

So what is a complete PRO-ducer?

Well back to the original question. I guess it is someone willing to expand and change with the times. For a long time I was a hip hop republican lol! Yknow the type who if you dont rap like Nas, and do it over a Pete Rock type beat I didn't dig it. But I had to expand my taste and actually listen to what going outside of what I normally like to make, and hear that there is alot of innovation in some of the current hip hop beats. And although I make some pretty dope beats, I know if I want to sell I have to learn how switch the style up to whats going on now. Not lose myself to hot trends, but just expand. Like Ford Motor Co. for example. They are trying to make fuel efficient practical cars because thats what the masses want. But that still doesn't mean they have to leave their roots of building 650+ horspower Mustangs lol!

But anyway, I used this program called Music Producer Pro. Its an instructional video series with 14 videos, 20 audios and its like 10hrs of teaching for beatmaking/ producing. This program is made by pro producer Jay Dynasty, who has been producing for 23 years. He knows hardware, software, piano, drums and guitar. Its for anyone I would say, whether your like me, someone who has been doing but wants to add to their game or a complete beginner. These teaching are stupid easy to learn, and you can keep it as you secret weapon, so when people ask you how you got so dope, you can just give 'em the Michael Jordan shrug and keep killin em lol!! You wanna be a complete PRO-ducer? Expand your game!

Get Fundamentals

Mike Troy

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