Learn to Play Guitar By Ear
How to Learn to Play Guitar by Ear Learning to play guitar by ear is one of the hardest things to learn. However require…
How Much Is A Ukulele
So you have decided to buy a Ukulele, probably your first Ukulele but you do not know how much they cost! Before you…
Tools for Learning Guitar
What are the Best Tools for Learning Guitar? Guitar players look for all sorts of different ways to pick up songs quicker.…
Learning Playing Guitar: Whats The Best Method
While rock music is a little harder to hear on the radio or see on TV these days, it's still the best-selling form…
4 Elements To A Healthy Bass Guitar Practice
Is what I'm practicing really helping me become a better player? Very good questions to be asking yourself. If you're…
Learning Playing Guitar: How To Buy An Inexpensive
After weeks and months of listening to dropped hints, whining, begging, and pleading, you've finally decided to buy…
Music Instruction Articles (227)
Learning Playing Guitar Online: The Right Kind Of Guitar Online Instuction For You
In the absence of affordable human guitar instructors, Internet guitar courses have been growing steadily in popularity. But finding the right one involves the same effort as finding the right human instructor – you should be prepared to work at finding the program that suits you best. Online guitar instruction…
By:  in  Arts and Entertainment  >  Music Instruction   Jul 25, 2011  
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How To Play A Ukulele For Kids
In the last few years, the interest in Ukulele playing has shot through the roof with phenomenal pace and many people have taking it upon themselves to buy a Ukulele and teach themselves to play, and it has also become of high interest amongst children wanting to learn to play…
By:  in  Arts and Entertainment  >  Music Instruction   Jul 04, 2013  
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Learn To Play the Drums
Do you have any rhythm? Can you tap your foot or snap your fingers to the beat of a song? If you answered yes, you can learn to play the drums. I'm sure you may have some questions about where to start. What kind of drums to buy? How many…
By:  in  Arts and Entertainment  >  Music Instruction   Mar 20, 2011  
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Learning Playing Guitar: Classical Guitar Basic
Exactly what is classical guitar? Well, the "classical" doesn't acutally refer to classical music itself, but to the classic way in which the guitar is built, held and played. A classical guitar's strings (usually six, but more are not uncommon) are made with brass or copper-wrapped nylon for the lower-pictched…
By:  in  Arts and Entertainment  >  Music Instruction   Aug 05, 2011  
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Playing Ukulele-learning How For Beginners
Have you just recently just took the brave step and bought your first Ukulele? Or do you have a Ukulele and want to learn how to play it properly and skillfully? The thoughts of trying to learn a musical instrument especially for people not musically gifted (just like myself, a…
By:  in  Arts and Entertainment  >  Music Instruction   May 06, 2011  
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Learning Playing Guitar: A Review Of The Only Reference Books You Will Ever Need
I'm replacing my two favorite guitar books – after more than two decades, they won't even stay taped together any longer. I was concerned that they might have gone out of print out after all this time, but now I can't imagine why. They aren't my favorite guitar books for…
By:  in  Arts and Entertainment  >  Music Instruction   Sep 30, 2012  
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How to Play the Ukulele for Beginners
Have you just gone out and bought your first Ukulele? And now you do not know where to begin and learn how to play this wonderful instrument. Well, learning to play the Ukulele is quite easier than you think, in fact, it is one of the easiest instruments to learn…
By:  in  Arts and Entertainment  >  Music Instruction   Jun 22, 2011  
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Learning Playing Guitar Online: Tips For Getting The Most Out Your Online Guitar Lessons
1. Practice, practice, practice! Create an consistent schedule and habits. Pratice in a place where you can count on not having your concentration derailed. Several sessions of 20 to 30 minutes work longer than practicing for hours at a time. 2. Patience, patience, patience! Don't try to become Jimi Hendrix…
By:  in  Arts and Entertainment  >  Music Instruction   Jul 25, 2011  
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How to Play Piano – Major and Minior Scales
If you really want to learn how to play piano, not just memorize songs, but actually how to play any song and how to make up your own and play by ear and all the really fun stuff that comes from with playing the piano (because memorization is useful, but…
By:  in  Arts and Entertainment  >  Music Instruction   Mar 20, 2011  
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Why the World Loves A Singer
ONE lazy day you mindlessly flip through channels on your TV, you catch a singer belting out an all-too-familiar love song with superhuman high notes, singing her heart out like there was no tomorrow. You pause for a moment to look and listen. Your flipping has stopped. Next thing you…
By:  in  Arts and Entertainment  >  Music Instruction   Mar 18, 2011  
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Best Guitar For Beginners – How To Chose the Right One
Choosing the best guitar for beginners can be a hard task. If you’re on your own you most likely don’t know what to look for, and what will best suit your needs. I’m going to explain some important aspects you should look for when choosing the best guitar for a…
By:  in  Arts and Entertainment  >  Music Instruction   Mar 04, 2014  
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Can Kids Play Ukuleles And How To Teach Them
If you scroll through the Internet these days, you will come across children playing musical instruments especially YouTube kids playing Ukuleles. The interest in Ukuleles in the last few years has become something of a phenomenon, an instrument you must have, you must learn to play and so on and…
By:  in  Arts and Entertainment  >  Music Instruction   Jul 04, 2013  
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Types Of Ukuleles - Finding Your True Soul Mate
Ukuleles are so popular these days and now and again you will see someone pull one out and play one. But what type of ukulele would this person be playing? What are the different types of Ukuleles and do they differ? Most newbies and beginners of Ukuleles need to know…
By:  in  Arts and Entertainment  >  Music Instruction   Mar 14, 2011  
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Using A Capo to Change Keys - Learn How to Use A Capo to Change Keys on Guitar
A capo is simple device that allows us to change keys on guitar quickly and easily. There are several types of capos around but in the essence, they all work in the same way – by pressing down the strings across the fret. It replaces the barre grip with your…
By:  in  Arts and Entertainment  >  Music Instruction   Oct 27, 2012  
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Learn How to Play A Ukulele - Find the Correct Training
If you have just purchased your first Ukulele like the many of us Jake Shimabukuro wannabes, and are now stuck on where to begin to learn how to play, there is help on hand that can save you a lot of money and give you the right guidance rather than…
By:  in  Arts and Entertainment  >  Music Instruction   Jul 04, 2013  
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Learning an instrument is all about repetition. We need to practice and repeat the lessons or piece…
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For the guitar enthusiast, there are many aspects of owning a guitar that are important. Proper care…
Have you been thinking about buying a quality instrument to add to your bass collection? I'm talking…

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