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Dont Stink Up The Joint And Sell Garbage Beats Online!
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Dont Stink Up the Joint And Sell Garbage Beats Online!

Are there are terrible beat makers making money online?

Unfortunately, yes there are… Sometimes I go to the search engines and look to see what the competition is for myself and other producers looking start beat sites. And quite honestly, there are a lot of sites that just flat out suuuuck!!

This is great!! Why would I say such a thing?

Well, if many suck, and still find a way to make money, you will have a huge advantage right out of the gate if you’re nice at your beat game. If you can internet market your beats as effectively as the wack producers, you can make a killing with you beats!

This is your time to shine!

Just because a lot of people suck at beatmaking and still make money doesen’t mean

you should just mail it in. There are some cats like Jeh Juh, and Fam Beats who are bringing the funk with their beat sites and these are who you should be competing with as far as the level of dopeness or skill you should be bringing to the people.

Like I’ve said in other articles, listen to other artist or producers to learn and understand the style and structure of hot and popular beats and create your own style if you haven’t already.

How to make sure you don’t suck as bad as the others..

To avoid being that damn bad, just search a bit and find something that is just God awful that you and your friends would make fun of. Then take some of your “hottest” in your opinion tracks and play them along with the sucky tracks for some people not afraid to be honest with you and see how they rank yours vs the sucky tracks.

If they say you’re hotter than the sucky track, there is hope…. But there is another step.

Making sure your beats are as hot as the hot beats getting spins on the radio

Now that we have established that you are not a complete bum here, we need to test to see if you are above average. Just because you don’t suck, doesn’t mean your beats cant use some improvement.

A trick I use is to play my beats against the hot popular mainstream tracks and compare. I’m pretty non biased to my own tracks so I can tell when someone elses beat is killing one of mine, and I may need to work harder to beat it.

For example, I’m a huge fan of the “Tupac Back “instrumental so I aimed to make a harder beat with a similar energy.

It took a couple of tries because that sound is normally out of my zone but eventually I succeeded. This type of personal challenge can help you add new elements to your beat game!

If you cant tell yet whether or not your beats are hotter or not, I suggest you find a non biased listener to help you out. This process is similar to a ball player taking some new moves hes been practicing out the court to see how effective they are against his opponents.

This beat training method can help you get your beatmaking skills on a pro level, and take you out of your comfort zone to make a type of beat you would normally not make on your own.

Now that you understand how to make hot relevant beats that folks want to pay for, your next steps should be building a website. Along with half assed garbage beats,there are some half assed garbage websites out there.

Presentation is everything. When you decide to build a site for these hot beats of yours, think of how you want you site to visually represent your sounds.

It doesn’t have to be over the top with wigdgets and animations out the ass or anything, but it should be clean and easy to navigate and play beats. Like Jeh Ju’s site, they have a logo and player that looks like an I tunes player. They have bio’s because its good to let people know you are a real person. Not necessary, but cool nonetheless. Just check out other beat sites to get ideas of whats hot and whats not and apply the thing that you want when building your site.

Next you will have to learn internet marketing of your music to let people know that you are out in cyberworld with some hot ass beats for sale! If you have never sold anything online before, you are going to need some training in this area.

You can try without, but it just makes sense to learn from people who know. You will save time and money, this way. After all time and money are the two main things you hope to gain from starting a beat site in the first place lol! Anyhow get some specific details on how to monetize your beat site and help aspiring artist out by providing them hot tracks. Who knows, your beat may be inspiring the next Drake!!

Hustle hard and make some Kool S#$% Lol!


Mike Troy

Street Talk

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