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Dont Waste Your Beatmaking Skills, Get Focused And Make Them Get To Work For You!
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Dont Waste Your Beatmaking Skills, Get Focused And Make Them Get to Work for You!

Your beat making skills are going to waste!

You sit at home making hot beats into the late hours of night when you are not slaving at your job. You have dusty fingers from crate digging, you have hard drives full of sound libraries, you have saved up and bought tons of hard and software to make some of the hottest beats no one has ever heard!

But it’s a labor of love and you don’t mind that you have given up most of your social life to lock your self inside of you lab to create monsters. But why not stop for a minute and learn how to market and sell these beats to rappers and singers around the world?

I know you’re maybe one of those folks who just loves your craft and knows how hard its is to get into the industry, because most of the time its not even about talent as much as it is about knowing the right people.

But still you can make money on your own terms from your beats if you can learn to leverage the power of the internet!

Because you can use all of that complicated equipment, you are already a geek!

Yep! You’re already qualified to figure out how to use the internet to make tons of money with you beats, because a lot of music equipment that us beat makers use amazes the crap out of people who don’t know how to use it.

And if you think back to when you just started you’ll remember it being similar to rocket science too lol!

Internet Marketing of you beats may prove to be a bit bit easier, it just may require more patience.

Internet Marketing Huh?

Yes sir, its not a bad word! Marketing is how any company on or offline creates a formula to get its products to an audience or customer base looking for those types of products.

As of right now, you have a lot of products, your beats. But you don’t have a business yet. But that is easy to change. Right now its all about organization. You need to centralize your inventory on some real estate called a website. This may be on Sound click, My space or what I recommend most. Building your own website. At this point you are ready for the next step of internet marketing of you beats.

People sell all kinds of things online all of the time, and this action is called internet marketing. You are going to sell you beats, and if you have never sold beats or any thing else online before, you are going to need some training. Fourtunately I know of a couple of guys who specialize in internet marketing of beats so you can be up and running in no time.

But… I do not want to mislead you. I’am no promoter of get rich quick schemes or fast money plans because they simply don’t exist. What does exist is hard work and patience on your behalf.

There are a lot of “under the radar producers” out there who have websites selling beats, and they are generating and income that they can live off of!

Sites like Fambeats are a great example. Its also a good site to look at as far a website structure and quality of beats. Hes got some fire that I know people don’t mind paying for.

After you get a grasp on the website and marketing of your beats, YOU NEED TO GET YOUR MIND RIGHT. Meaning that once again, this is not a way to get rich quick, but a steady way to build a solid income over time from something love to do anyway.

If you stay consistent, the sky is the limit on how much you can make doing this. But you have to TAKE ACTION. That means you have to start, and follow through, and continue to grind. On the beatmaking and the internet marketing of beats. It should become habit, yknow something you do. And like a planted seed that is continually watered, you shall eventually see growth. This is advice that can work in many other avenues of life also!

Hustle hard and make some KoolS#$% Lol!


Mike Troy

Street Talk

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