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Five Tips To Help You Learn To Play Guitar Online
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Learning to play guitar could be a very long process, I can tell you that, however there are ways to begin learning to play guitar easier and faster. There are several musicians who don’t like taking it slow and they try to learn guitar too fast, commonly what happens with them is that they get too much information and they end up getting bad habits or they end up playing with a very bad technique.

Guitar players that usually learn this way are those who just want to play guitar as a hobby, they just want to play for the fun of it and very often they want to dominate a song too quickly. I tell you this because it happened to me, since I play in a band, the other guys tell me “hey, for our next performance you need to learn that song for Saturday”, so there I go and try to play it, but what happens is that usually I don’t play it correctly the first time.

It is important to know that there is no magic lesson or mystic technique to learn guitar fast, but there are some ideas that I can give you to help you play guitar faster, avoid getting frustrated, but most important than that, to learn to play correctly.

Ok, so the 5 things you have to know to learn to play guitar online are these:

1. Practice slowly. This could sound a little bit like a paradox, but the fact is that you need to learn it slowly and correctly, mistakes free, then with practice, start adding some speed into it. Do not try to play a song just as it sounds, specially a difficult song; very likely you will not learn it right.

2. Practice with finger exercises. There are a lot great exercises out there that will help you develop finger strength and gain some speed, look for one that accommodates to your level, practice with something that you can dominate. Once you have fully mastered one exercise, continue to the next one.

3. Have patience. To achieve greatness takes time, and the great guitar legends did not dominate the guitar in one month either, so when starting if you get frustrated at some point, don’t worry, that is absolutely normal, the best thing to do if you start feeling bored is to take a break, put your guitar away for a couple of days if you have to and then start practicing again.

4. Play guitar as often as you can. This is the key to be a great guitarist, so, to start learning fast, practice every day if possible, this can be a little bit difficult, but the more you practice, the faster you will improve your guitar skills.

5. Set your goals. To get where you want to go, you need to know where you are going first, you just need to be wise about having realistic goals, and it helps a lot to have someone to look up to, so find a musician to take advice from and you will be motivated and discipline automatically.

Learning guitar is a journey, not a destination, like I mentioned before, there is no magic recipe to start playing guitar overnight, but if you begin doing things in small steps, you’ll go a long way in this path, remember that practice is the secret, good luck and have a nice day.

G. Balibrera is a guitarist with over ten years teaching to play this beautiful instrumet. Starting to Play Guitar is cool when you have the proper guidance. Find my in honest Jamorama Guitar Review and start playing guitar today. Have a great day my friend

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