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Focus On Success And You Will Not Fail At Selling Tons Of Beats Online
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Focus on Success And You Will Not Fail at Selling Tons Of Beats Online

Don’t allow the haters to stop you from making money from your beats online!

Yeaaah, that’s right. Haters want to stop you from making money from your beats. Why? Because they are to lazy or lack the faith in their own craft so they want to convince you that you cant do it either.

You see, making money online from selling your beats aint easy. But it is possible. It takes a few essentials though. You need to first of all, have some seriously hot beats!!

Next you need to have a website. You can do Soundclick and Rocbattle or even do a My Space or Facebook page, but you will eventually want to set up your own dedicated beat selling website. Then you are going to have to learn some internet marketing.

Internet Marketing of Your Beats…Its not a bad word..

You will run across haters or skeptics that tell you that internet marketing is a scam, because they are ignorant. And I’m not name calling, but using the word ignorant in its truest sense of someone who just doesn’t know.

The fact is that any thing that is sold online or offline is because it is marketed. Marketing is the art of getting a relevant product to an audience of consumers who want or need that product. And unless you have been living under a rock since the 70s, you know the internet has become an extension of almost every facet of life, and that even includes how and what we purchase.

What this means to you is that if you make beats, a product that can be sold digitally, you have the potentially to make money on the internet with your beats. But you need to learn how to market on the internet.

I have given a rough definition of marketing above, so that means there is an audience of people out there who want to buy beats.

A. You have beats.

B. You market your beat site to them.

C. They buy your beats.

Everybody is happy. Where is the scam? Did I miss it?

Back to the Haters…

I’ve heard people say they need haters, because they keep them on their toes. That’s cool and it maybe true in some cases, but when it comes to selling enough beats online, that you may possibly be able to replace your income, there will be people on forums who have failed at it, who will tell you it can’t be done, via inflammatory posts.

But most damaging of all, you will have those who care about you tell you that is a pipe dream, and that it will never work. These are who I call unintentional haters, because these people are quite often close friends, siblings and parents who don’t understand why you spend so much time on the MPC and spending money on old ass vinyl records.

But this is what you do. Its your craft, your release. If you spend so much time at it, you deserve to make some money off of it if you have something hot.

Why not learn how to put a site together, and learn to market your beats and start generating an income. True enough it is not easy, and many have failed. Actually more have failed than succeeded, but that’s with any venture in business and life.

The spoils of victory are for those who go hard and don’t quit. Instead of focusing on how many have failed, how about focus on the ones who have succeeded.

Focus on Success

Here are some successful beat selling websites

• Epic Beats 24-7

• Rocbeats

• Fambeats

• Beats365

• JeeJuhProductions

If you are serious, and you’re ready to focus on success and not failure, these are five great sites to look at and model your own site after. I dont mean for you to be a biter, but just notice the unique, but pro sounding beats.

Notice the clean, and easy to navigate site setups. Anyone with a little sense can see that these guys are making money with these sites. They get hits from around the world from aspiring artist looking for beats.

If they can do it you can do it to. You just have to stay with it. Once you’re done looking at these sites, its time to learn some internet marketing of you own beat site. One day you may be an example of success!

Hustle hard and make some KoolS#$% Lol!


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