Get Rid Of Stage Fright When Singing
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Get Rid of Stage Fright When Singing

Anyone who's ever taken the stage knows what stage fright is and how debilitating it can be. It is especially problematic for singers because of how it tenses up the muscles used in singing. Sometimes reducing a beautiful singing voice to nothing more than a squeak!

If you suffer from stage fright, just how to get rid of stage fright when singing can be a real challenge. If it's any consolation you are not alone. Barbara Streisand went through a spell where she couldn't perform live on stage for many years!

What is Stage Fright

Stage fright is a phobia. It is hard wired into most people and it is part of the flight or fight mechanism we need for survival. The problem is that the fear is based on a threat that is not really there. But you can't just reason your way out of fear. It is primal and deep within us. It just comes up and overwhelms you.

I'm sure you've heard of the surveys conducted that found the number one fear people have is not death or fear of heights, but it's public speaking. It's no wonder many singers also suffer from this particular phobia.

So stage fright is a fear with no rhyme or reason. And once you feel the fear, take it from me, it is a real fear. You can't just stop feeling it, but you can accept it. It is an automatic response to a perceived threat. It causes your heart rate to increase as well as other physical responses. The fear is getting you ready to take action.

So, it actually makes your fear more intense and stubborn to make it your enemy. It's just your body saying "hey I'm sensing something unsafe here".

Getting Rid of Stage Fright

So, how do you get rid of stage fright? There are a couple of steps you can take that will help.

  • The first thing to do is to simply accept it.

It's normal and it's what your body is supposed to do when danger is sensed, even imagined danger. Accepting fear has the effect of taking the "monster" out of the fear and makes it a manageable normal emotion.

There is a classic scene in the pilot episode of Lost. The main character Jack is explaining how while performing spinal surgery he accidentally caused damage to the patient's spine. He explained how he welled up with fear but instead of fighting it he "let the fear in". But he would only let it in for six seconds. So he counted to six and fixed his mistake and finished the surgery…great story writing right?

Although this was only a scene in a TV show, it outlines perfectly about how to accept fear and let it in, but with the idea that it can only remain for a while, until it’s time to take the stage.

  • The second thing to do is to be prepared.

Nothing is more inherently nerve racking then not being prepared. For the singer this means rehearse, rehearse, and rehearse. You need to know your song(s) inside and out and sideways.

It goes without saying that voice training is a must if stage fright is a problem. Training will give you the set of skills that you can draw upon, and it will give your confidence a lift. An affordable option for voice training is to purchase lessons on CD or DVD.

  • The third thing to do is to re-focus.

Re-focusing will help you to take your mind off of performing and the stage fright. As a singer you have a ready made re-focuser. I'm referring to your warm up routine. Running through your warm up routine is an excellent way to re-focus.


Without a doubt stage fright is a very real and often overwhelming fear. The fear causes havoc with a singer’s voice and performance. For some, stage fright is a huge problem that can take years to overcome. In some cases some form of cognitive therapy is useful.

Most of the time, if only moderate stage fright is experienced the steps that I have outlined are sufficient to overcome stage fright. Or, perhaps a better way to look at it is not that stage fright is something to overcome, but rather it is managed. It is managed much the same as other powerful emotions like anger.

So, manage your fear and enjoy your craft. Above all, keep singing!

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