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Getting Your Inspiration From Writer's Block
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Getting Your Inspiration From Writer\'s Block

When you constantly write new music, every now and then you will come across writer's block. This can have you feeling like your career is all over. I know the feeling. In the beginning I used to get discouraged, now I know that its normal routine for a writer. All the thoughts you think always aren't so clear. You can write and write but in order to be consistent with good quality you have to pace yourself and always find ways to start with an open mind.

When I used to get writer's block I would force myself to finish the song. Then I would go back to it later and not like it. Even though I didnt like it I thought of it as practice. When your beginning its good to practice writing even when you cant think of anything. This will get you used to writing freely. You want to be able to express yourself effortlessly and that takes a lot of practice.

Three things you can do to overcome writer's block:

1. Freestyle - If you get stuck just start freestyling in your head or out loud. Let your mind think for itself and just go! Sometimes you say creative things freestyling that you wouldn't of written down when writing.

2. Go for a walk - Going for a walk might not seem like much but it can refresh your whole thought process. Being in one spot staring at the same thing can box your mind in sometimes, you have to change the scenery for a sec to get some inspiration.

3. Eat - Your body will let you know when it needs attention. Sometimes when you haven't ate anything your mind and body don't cooperate. Food is fuel to our body, we need square meals daily to stay healthy. If your having writers block maybe you need to practice more healthy eating habits.

I think everytime we get writer's block we grow as writers. Its an experience that you cant let beat you down. I've been in the studio with people waiting on me to record, and I couldnt come up with anything I liked. All that practice in the past must have kicked in because I pushed out good songs. Sometimes you can get caught up trying too hard when you should just let it flow. When your "letting it flow" becomes good writing, then you can write lots of good songs.

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