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Home Recording Studio Checklist
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Home Recording Studio Checklist

This is my home recording studio checklist. I used to go to different studios to record my music. When I would go there would be other people there finishing there recordings or just starting. I would see that some artists don't ever come to the studio prepared. They would come ready to make a song but wouldn't even have a song ready. Not coming prepared to a studio can cause a lot of time waisted and/or money. Even when you are at your home studio, you don't want to let time go by with out being productive. Here's a list of habits I practice when starting a recording session at home or on the road.

Stay Hydrated - This is important because a lot of times artist will go into the studio and not make sure their vocals are at their best. You would want to stay hydrated with liquids, mostly water, to keep your voice sounding like it should sound. This is especially for smokers.

Make Songs - The purpose of being a music artist is to make songs. Sometimes talent can get in the way of this. Don't let your ego control you, control your ego. Always keep in mind that what you are doing is a representation of your brand, and your brand is your business. Be yourself and practice being great at what you do.

Something To Write On - I know some people who don't write anything on paper they come up with lyrics in their head and go in the booth to record it. I'm not one of those people, I need something to write on. Usually I would bring a notebook and pen, but now I use my smart phone's notepad to write. Sometimes I write verses in my notepad that I piece together to make a song, having a notepad is handy because you have all your ideas right there.

Eat Something - Recording music with a growling stomach can make your whole recording session uncomfortable. Make sure you satisfy your hunger before you start to record, I'm not saying get full or anything but don't be empty. Our body needs energy and food gives us energy.

Your Own Hard Drive - Where ever I go I take my external hard drive because you never know when you will need it. Even at home my external hard drive stays in use. If you need a copy of your songs you can just slide the files right over to your drive to take home. I suggest getting at least 250 Gb of memory. This will storage all files for your music business. After a while get an extra one and save everything on to it and put it somewhere safe. This is incase something happens to the original one. Frequently update your "safe" external hard drive and keep it storage.

These are some things you can do to make sure you stay on track while in the studio making music.

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