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How Music Bands May Be Helped By Podcasting
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How Music Bands May Be Helped By Podcasting

Is there any way of communicating with others that can break the single most pervasive barrier that we have all come to face.....not walls, not borders, but our time schedules. Oh yes, as in not having the time to listen to what others have to say? Whether you are a budding author or the member of a budding music band or budding radio station , the best way to get really helpful material to listen to and the best way to promote yourself is podcasting.

As you all know, a podcast is like an mp3 record swimming out there in the web for people to listen to ,only they have the choice of listening to it when and where they want it. Maybe that ˜‘when and where' is the time in the evening when they return home from work, exhausted. At such times ,a podcast ,like a homely piece of conversation, can cheer them up in ways that a regular t.v. programme or a radio show cannot.

This is perhaps the single most important point that we can talk about when we talk about podcasting: you are letting your material, whatever special that you have prepared, swim out there in the web, and technology ensures that ,using an URL ,someone somewhere interested in the topic gets access to the same topic and establishes a bond with you on the basis of a download that till the previous moment ,hadn't even had an audience.

Basically ,all of us are potential podcasters. If you are still knotted up with the entire idea of podcasting, look at this way: we all are potential podcasters, as we do half a podcasting anyway.....think about the facebook posts that you have put out there and the mp3 tracks that you have liked and then shared on twitter or digg or tumblr using an rss feed or url. Now, if it's something that you yourself have composed, anything from a recording detailing a nice new recipe to a tune you love to hum but think is deadly close to the real thing ,then, oh then, what about podcasting it? What ,indeed.

This is why Thomas Friedman, in his famous book, The World Is Flat ,calls podcasting one of the top ten ˜‘flatteners' which are changing the world for the better.

So, what do you really need to indulge in a good old bout of podcasting? the first two things you need are obviously, a computer and an internet connection. It will then be nice if you have a valid iTunes ,or Zune,or Doppler or WinAmp account or any other account with any other websites that allow voice uploading in the form of podcasts.

Many mobile phones and digital music players nowadays have good sound recording qualities. /p>

So, the next point is to make sure that you have your files recorded in a format which is supported by the directory on to which you are about to upload your file. iTunes, for example, supports/accepts files in m4a, .mp3, .mov, .mp4, .m4v, and .pdf formats. In my next article in this group, which I intend to make into a series, I will go into more details about relevant websites for doing all this as well as file conversion, but that's about that for now.

Now, the 4th step in podcasting is to open up the directory of the website. Say you are using iTunes. Open up iTunes store and click on Podcasts. In the middle of all the podcasts listed on the screen there will be a button saying, Submit a Podcast. This will redirect you to a screen where your URL for the podcast you seek to make available will be asked.

It will be nice if you already have such an URL in the form of the one given to you by any other website to which you might already have submitted a recording.

Once the podcast URL is given to them by you, a beautiful thing will happen : what's known as an RSS feed will be generated. Hey, why is that so cool?. Hold on a sec, do you know the full form of RSS? It's Really Simple Syndication. Yes, that's what an RSS feed does for the music of your unknown garage band : it syndicates your mp3 or any other track just the way the articles of famous journalists, columnists, sportspersons or cookbook-writers are syndicated, that is, borrowed with permission from the master newspaper where it is published, into other newspapers of the world, thus making your band's music readily available all over the world.

So ,once you have got your RSS feed , a page will open up in the directory asking for further information regarding your track, like language, tags, and other relavant information. Fill these up, and you are ready to go! Vrooom! Only the final step remains, and that is the final approval of the staff of the relevant podcasting directory.

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