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How To Hit High Notes Just By Thinking About It
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In almost any song, the standing ovation and crowd-cheers-now part is the part that is belted out up there in the topmost notes.

For almost any novice or amateur singer, the high notes are also the toughest and most dreaded part of the song to sing: it is like the punch line of a joke that will make or break the whole thing—pulling it off well means victory; falling short of it will either make the singer look mediocre or worse, just plain horrible.

But here’s the thing: given that you have been singing correctly for a while now and you can reach a high note when you call out to a friend across the street or scream for help when there is a fire, chances are good that those high notes are well within your range. Pretty good news, huh?

Well here’s the other side of the coin: to hit those same notes with as much ease, volume, and clarity as you did when you didn’t have singing in mind, you must bring that same kind of confidence and assurance in yourself when you ARE consciously singing.

The bad news is, if you are like most lost singers, even before you get to singing it your mind already anticipates how hard and challenging it will be, and it is already preparing you by being uncertain that you’ll make it. No wonder you’re having such a hard time!

Basically, this is the problem: your body can do it BUT your mind is sending the message to it that you can’t.

How do we fix this problem? Here is where mind over matter comes in, and in this case how you approach this mentally will make (or break) your reality.

Singing is a mind game. Here are three things to think about as you sing when you approach those high notes:

1. It’s always there – think of your high range as always being there, because it is!

When you know that high notes are a part of you as much as your speaking voice or low notes are, you erase all uncertainty that you will not hit them because you are confident that they are just there, waiting for you to use them when you need them.

2. You are higher than your high notes – this is a common technique voice teachers teach their students—approach the high notes from a higher position.

Imagine yourself as landing on top of your high notes, as opposed to reaching out from below hoping to get more out of your range.

Landing on top of your notes lets you be in a position of power to nail them as opposed to being at their mercy when you try to reach them out from below.

3. Think of mixing it to get a full sound – if you can hit a high in falsetto, then you can also hit it in a strong and full voice.

However, this last tip takes the longest to develop as it is a skill in itself. You have to develop a strong and stable chest voice and head voice, and then work on mixing the two to form a powerful, high sound.

There are exercises and lessons out there to help you with this. Once you learn to apply them it will just be a matter of time, practice, patience, and dedication until it becomes an inherent skill.

Now that you know how, you won’t have to fear that high part of your target song anymore because you know that you can reach it just by thinking about it.

Just keep at your singing and don’t be afraid of high notes any longer. Enjoy the learning process and have fun! You will get there sooner than you realize.

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