How To Prepare For A Singing Audition - Top 5 Singing Audition Tips
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How to Prepare for A Singing Audition  -  Top 5 Singing Audition Tips

No matter what style or genre of music you sing, all singers need to learn how to prepare for a singing audition. Preparation involves things that you can do to maximise your chances of a successful audition, long before it commences.

There are many situations that require vocal auditions, including:

  • singing competitions - these run the full gamut from local eisteddfod's to national-scale competitions such as The Voice and the Idol series (including the American Idol auditions, Pop Idol in Britain, Australian Idol, etc.);
  • trying out for a band, either as a lead singer or backing vocalist;
  • gaining a part in a musical theatre production;
  • demonstrating your talents for businesses who employ musicians - this includes everything from local restaurants and clubs, to cruise ships and theme parks, to singers doing voices for animated characters in feature films.

This article will describe five essential singing audition tips that will help you to prepare for any type of singing audition, from your local rep company up the road, to the bright lights of American Idol. Putting them into practice will allow you to give your best performance, sing with confidence, conquer nerves, and achieve your audition goal.

Singing Audition Tip #1: Memorise your audition song

You must know your audition song by heart. The lyrics, the melody, all of it must be memorised perfectly.

Never walk into a singing audition with a song you've only just learned. The last thing you need is for your brain to be scrabbling around panicking about remembering the next line, when you should be completely focused on your performance. Only ever audition with a song that you know inside out.

Some auditions allow you to read from sheet music as you sing. Don't do it. It is one of the critical things that separates professionals from amateurs.

Audition Tip #2: Practice visualisations

In the weeks leading up to your audition, take a few minutes out of every day to sit quietly, close your eyes, and visualise your perfect singing audition in your mind. The more detail, the better. You are training your mind to become familiar with your audition, telling your body how it should respond, conditioning yourself for success.

Visualise yourself walking onto the stage, calm and in control, as you breathe deeply. Go through the whole performance in your head, and if there are any passages in your song that have been troubling you, focus on visualising yourself powering through them without any problems.

Your mind is a powerful tool. Often we need to truly believe something in our mind before our body, and our voice, will follow.

Audition Tip #3: Stay hydrated

A quick sip of water before you go on stage will not help your vocal cords or your performance. By the time you feel thirsty, your body is already dehydrated. Not drinking enough water throughout the day dries out your vocal cords, and stops you from giving an optimal vocal performance.

In the week leading up to your audition, ensure that you are drinking at least 2 litres of water throughout the day (you should be doing this every day, but pay extra attention prior to an audition). Good vocal health is critical if you wish to give your best at an audition.

Audition Tip #4: Work out the logistics of your audition well in advance

This tip has nothing to do with singing, but everything to do with organisation. The best way to ruin a good audition is to turn up late, or with not enough time to relax and prepare yourself to go on stage. Work out all the logistical elements in the week before your audition. These include:

  • Deciding what song/s you are going to sing;
  • Obtaining copies of your music for your accompanist (if required);
  • Deciding what you are going to wear;
  • Working out where the audition will be held and how you are going to get there (having a travel Plan B is always recommended);
  • Work out exactly what time you need to leave to get to the audition with at least half an hour to spare.

Don't leave these things until the day of your audition. It is much better to arrive with enough time to settle in and get focused on delivering a brilliant audition.

Audition Tip #5: Ensure your voice is in peak condition

I've left the most obvious, and most important tip to last. To successfully prepare for a singing audition, you need to be practicing singing every single day leading up to your big performance.

If possible, use a vocal training program at home on a daily basis. It is not enough to just practice the song that you plan to use for your audition. Dedicate at least half an hour every day to warming up your vocal cords and then performing vocal exercises to strengthen your singing voice. You will find that the voice is like any other muscle - power, agility and flexibility are the result of regular exercise. Only after exercising your voice should you then move on to practicing your songs.


In the weeks leading up to your audition, make it a priority to implement these singing audition tips to maximise your chances of success at your audition:

  1. Memorise your audition song;
  2. Visualise your audition going perfectly;
  3. Drink plenty of water;
  4. Plan your outfit and travel arrangements; and
  5. Practice daily vocal exercises as well as your songs.

One of the best ways to combat audition nerves is meticulous preparation - it will leave you feeling calm and mentally psyched to be amazing. You know your stuff! You're ready to take on the world! Just follow these tips to give yourself the best possible shot at leaving the audition panel speechless with admiration and excitement, and achieving your audition goal.

I wish you the very best of luck for all your auditions. Happy Singing!

IMAGE CREDIT: Photograph by Focka on Flickr and shared under Creative Commons License CC BY-ND 2.0

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