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How To Write A Song
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Perhaps you’ve wondered before, I want to write a song, but have no idea where to start? Or maybe you’ve thought to yourself, I like the songs I’m writing, but they just keep coming out the same with no evolution. I don’t have a magic button to help you write better songs, but I can give you a few hints that might help along the way in your journey. These are a few hints that I’ve found as a songwriter can really help you.

1. “Borrowing” other people’s chords – If you like to play guitar, why not get a subscription to one of those guitar magazines that gives you new tabs every month? I started doing this before the Internet is what it is today, and many people might say, why not just look online for tabs? Well you could, and you might as well, but the tabs in these guitar magazines are ALWAYS accurate and easy to read. So check them out. They’ll give you the chords for the song and the chord progressions, and you can start learning how your favorite songs are constructed. Heck, you can even take some of these chords and make your own songs with them. There is no law against it.

2. Learning your favorites – It’s as simple as this. Learn other people’s songs, and get ideas, get fragments of ideas, for your own songs. Everybody has “influences” but that really comes down to be people who inspire you. Sounds, types of music that inspire you. You may feel like this is cheating. I’m not advising you to steal their music; I’m advising you to learn it. When you learn music, you’ll subconsciously draw from it when you go to write a song. It’s quite interesting actually. And it happens automatically provided you keep learning new things.

3. Write with somebody else – Find somebody who shares your musical interests, and bounce ideas of each other. It’s one of the most fun things two musicians can do together. Sometimes you never realize the dimension of your ability to write music until you write with somebody else. They’ll see things in your music and be able to add things that you never thought of.

4. Take Lessons – Suppose you can’t take actual composition classes? Just take lessons in your instrument of choice. Learn chords and scales and songs will automatically make you more able to write music.

5. Listen to Music – I saved the best for last. My single most important advice to you is: listen to music. Buy discounted music from artists you’ve never heard of, go back home and put on some killer headphones and just zone out. Step outside your usual circle of musical artists and try new things. You won’t regret it, and it will show up in your music.

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