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If You Want To Sell Beats Online, You're Going To Need A Gameplan
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If You Want to Sell Beats Online, You\'re Going to Need A Gameplan

You Want to Make Money from Beats. But you’re just starting out an don’t want to break the bank? Well guess what? Once up on a time, this was my starting point.

First off you’re going to need some thing to make beats with. If you are just starting out, you may not know if you have a genuine passion for it yet, so I don’t advise you to startout with hardware such as an MPC or a workstation keyboard like a Motif, Fantom or a Korg just yet because they are waaay expensive, unless you just have money to burn lol!

I have played around with programs like Dub Turbo, Cyber Sequencer, Sonic Producer or Mega Music Maker. I dig these because they are first off all, cheap, downloadable and capable of making hot music competitive to whats on the radio and require you have nothing else outside of a computer and maybe a set of headphones to make music.

If you are just starting out these are great to learn the concept of sequencing and arranging. Then when you move on to higher end equipment, the learning curve is just about non existent.

Fruity Loops is a comparable program as far as the operation. But is it is a little more advanced, and expensive. So if you just want to test the waters, and still be able to grow for a small financial investment, these programs are the way to go.

If after messing around with either of those softwares, and you do find that you do in fact enjoy and have a passion for beatmaking, its time to start seeing if you have what it takes to compete.

This means, if you haven’t already done it, you should start letting people, non objective people that is, hear your beats and see what kind of response you get.

The reason is that you don’t want surround you self in the safe opinions of close friends and family who will tell you that what you’re doing is the greatest and help you build false confidence.

You want the opinons of others who make beats and rap, and others who listen to music that you know is good, or at least successful music, so you can get a realistic gauge of where you stand talent wise among those people.

This will push you to challenge yourself, and avoid becoming a big fish in a small pond. Also you can listen to your favorite producers or instrumentals of some of the hottest current songs on You Tube and study sound structure, and song arrangements to learn more and more about your new craft.

Listen to the music, and learn to dissect it in your head. Be able to listen to a song and separate the drum pattern, from the bassline, from the main synth etc. Then you can learn from this how to construct more complex tracks of your own by being able to mentally deconstruct the tracks of other producers.

Also when you get back to working on you own stuff, try to imitate some of those patterns and sounds to some degree. I don’t mean for you to bite some one elses design, but just feel out the structure. Then soon you will be creating your own complex patterns beacause you will understand the science behind it.

Next you can work on expanding your game with the fundamentals of piano/keyboard skills. Yep for a beatmaker, the most versatile instrument you can learn is the keyboard. With piano skills you can play the sounds of just about any instrument in your beats, and you will have your own sound, and you will destroy your musical limitations more and more through consistent practice.

Once you finally get really good, you can start looking at selling your beats online.

You can do this on sites like Sound click, My space other social sites, but eventually you will want to build you own domain and website.

But right before that you need to learn internet marketing of your beats. I know of two guys who can help you out with this. But even after you learn this the most important thing is to keep the passion and love for your new found talent. If that is always first, you wont get mentally derailed because your not rich over night. Just remember that there are no shortcuts to anyplace worth going…

Hustle hard and make some Kool S#$% Lol!


Mike Troy

Street Talk

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