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Learn To Play The Drums
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Do you have any rhythm? Can you tap your foot or snap your fingers to the beat of a song? If you answered yes, you can learn to play the drums. I'm sure you may have some questions about where to start. What kind of drums to buy? How many drums? How many cymbals? Reading sheet music? What to practice? How to practice? Where to find drum lessons? This article will clear up a few of those questions for you and start you on your way to becoming a solid drummer.

Buying Drums

There's about 1000 different combinations of drums, cymbals, and other accessories you can buy for your drum kit. To tell you the truth, you really don't need much to learn to play the drums. Dave Grohl from Nirvana and Foo Fighters started learning the drums by hitting his bed, a chair, and a couple of strategically placed pillows in his bedroom. A great way for you to start is buying a pair of sticks and a practice pad or even a snare drum. No, it's not as cool as sitting behind a sic drum kit, but it's a cheap way to start, and there's a huge amount of sticking patterns, combinations and rolls to learn on a single snare drum or practice pad. Learning a few basics before getting behind a whole drum set isn't a bad idea.

Let's face it. You want to rock out on a full set of drums or you wouldn't be reading this article. I doubt your final intent after you learn to play the drums is to forever rock out on a practice pad or a single snare drum. You want to be behind a full set of drums. It looks cool, it feels cool, and it's fun as hell!

I would suggest to start with a very basic 5 piece drum set. You can always add to it in the future. 1 Bass, snare, 1 or 2 rack toms, 1 floor tom, hi-hat, crash cymbal, and a ride cymbal. There are 2 reasons why you're better off with a very basic set in the beginning. First, it can be very confusing to learn on a large kit with too many drums and cymbals. You'll have too many options and the uncertainty of which drums to hit will cause you not to play smoothly. Timing is everything and being surrounded with too many drums and cymbals will throw you off. Second, you may impress your friends with an awesome 10-piece, double bass, cymbals everywhere drum set that probably cost you a small fortune, but you'll look pretty silly when you sit behind your kit and don't know what to do with it.

Again, start with a very basic set up. You can always add to your kit if you feel you need to. Although, it isn't always necessary. You'll find some of the best drummers out there play on very basic kits. A good drummer can make a basic setup sound like they're playing on a large one. Start small, learn to play the drums at least to an intermediate level before you start adding more drums and cymbals to your kit.

Practice!, Practice!, Practice!

Practice makes perfect? Not true. There's no such thing as a perfect drummer. No matter how good you get, there's always someone better. Even if you could find the best drummer in the world, he's not perfect either because he can always practice some more and get even better. Improving your skills comes down to 2 factors. The obvious is how often you practice. What took me so long to figure out was HOW to practice.

Private Lessons

A beginner's private drum lesson is a great place to start. Even if you feel you have some amount of knowledge about how to play. I can guarantee you'll learn some basic techniques that will start you off right. I played drums for 5 years before I realized I wasn't holding the stick properly in my left hand. It tremendously affected my progression as a drummer. I had no speed. I had to muscle through patterns and combinations that I can now play even faster with ease, all because I'm holding the drum sticks properly. It's the very first thing you should be taught when you learn to play the drums and I skipped right over it. This mistake prohibited me from improving as quickly as I should have.


There are 1000's of great books out there that can teach you many aspects of all drumming styles. I think this is a great way to learn to play the drums. Get familiar with drum sheet music and drum tabs. You will learn to play the drums much faster once you do. They're pretty easy to figure out. You can determine how the basic beats are played just by listening to the song, but when it comes to dissecting a complicated fill you're going to need some help. Drum tabs are the easiest way to figure out what combination of drums are being hit.


The internet, by far, is the best resource these days to help you learn to play the drums. The internet gives drummers today an unlimited amount of knowledge. You can find anything you want to learn in seconds. Video's, drum tabs, advice, forums. I use my blackberry a lot while I practice. I'll find drum lessons on YouTube and just bring my phone with me to my drums.

Drumming DVDs

I'm a huge fan of drumming dvd's. I enjoy watching drummers I like almost as much as playing myself. You can get more information faster on the internet, however, you'll get better production value from a professionally made dvd set than you will from an instructional video on YouTube that somebody made in their poorly lit basement. I would suggest using the internet as your main source to help learn to play the drums mainly because it's mostly free. If you come across an instructional dvd set from a drummer you like or just a dvd about a band you like, it might be worth owning.

Have Fun and Jam Out!!

Remember, you want to learn to play the drums because it's fun as hell! You will get frustrated from time to time while trying to learn something new. Almost every pattern or song you try to learn will take a whole lot of practice before you get it down. Don't get burnt out on a difficult pattern or song you're trying to learn. Take a break and then come back to it later. If I start to feel like playing the drums is becoming more work than fun I'll throw on one of my favorite metal songs and just go bananas on my kit. It doesn't matter whether I know how to play the song or not. I just pretend I do and wail away on my drums. After all, playing the drums is supposed to be fun. It can't be work 100% of the time.

Take Action!

If you're still reading this, that proves you have the passion to learn to play the drums. Take Action! Just Do It! Playing the drums can change your life. Remember the last time you were bored? Get a drum set and learn to play them. You may never be bored again. Remember, all you need I a little bit of rhythm, some motivation, and an idea of where to get material that will help you learn to play the drums.

Quit wondering if you got what it takes to become a solid drummer. If you've got the passion for music and a little bit of rhythm YOU CAN DO IT!! Learn to play the drums today and you'll be forming that garage band in no time. Maybe get a few gigs and turn it into a career, who knows?

For more information on how to play the drums click here to visit my website, Start now and have a blast!!

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