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Learn To Re - String Your Bass Guitar
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Learn To Re  -  String Your Bass Guitar

Here are a few ideas that will help you put new strings on your bass guitar.

Always Change The Full Set

One suggestion would be to remove all of the old strings before starting to replace them with the new strings. Always replace the full set of strings at one time. There are two very good reasons for this:

1.Strings go dead from sweat and dirt and old skin left on the string after playing them for a while.

2.You want your bass to sound good with live, new strings that all sustain well, ring for the same length of time.

Dead strings only sustain the tones for a short period. You will want your instrumenttone and volume to sound even whenever you play.

Here's How To Care For Your Instrument

Once the strings are removed, it is a good idea to clean the fingerboard. I suggest you get a small bottle of lemon oil (do not use lemon wax or furniture polish) and a soft cloth.

Apply the oil on the fingerboard liberally and rub it into the wood. Remember the fingerboard is usually made of maple or rosewood and the lemon oil will not only clean the fingerboard, but will also keep the wood supple so it won't dry out or start to split.

Mounting The New Strings

After you've cleaned the fingerboard you are ready to put your new strings on. Strings come coiled in a individual paper envelope and labeled by the gauge of the string. The larger the gauge the heavier the string. I start with the "E" string.

Straighten the string. There is a hole or slot in the tail piece or the string is placed through the bass through predetermined holes and anchored with a small metal piece on the end of the string.

Pull the string up and over the saddle. There is a groove on each saddle to place the string in. There is also a groove in the nut to place the string in so as I said this is very intuitive.

Others suggest that you get a pair of wire cutters and make sure the string measures only 4 or 5 inchespast the tuning post before mounting it.

Never, Never Do This

It is suggested that you cut only the end which is cloth wrapped and never the metal part of the string.

Cutting the metal part will cause the winding to unwrap. Remember, you have either a round wound or flat wound string.

I must confess that in 30 years I have never cut a string. Some strings have cloth wound on the tip and some don't. I mount my strings just as they come from the manufacturer. I just make sure they are tightly wound and the winding doesn't overlap.

Here Is Where You Place The Cloth Wrapped End

In the middle of the post there is a hole. Place the end of the string in the hole and bend it in a right angle to fit in the slot. Wind the string clockwise if the post is on the left side of the head stock and counter clock wise if the post is on the right side of the head stock.

How To Wrap The String Correctly Around The Tuning Peg

Put tension on the string as you wind so that the string winds from the top to the bottom of the post. You'll want to put the string on without trying to tune the bass until you've got all the strings on the bass.

Finally, tune your bass to the proper tuning.

Remember re-stringing your bass is easy to do and very intuitive.

A Final Tip

One suggestion to give your new strings longer life, is to wipe them with a cloth after each use. I keep a small towel in my case or gig bag for this purpose. If you keep them clean they will last longer and continue to produce a great sound.

Now, go and make some great music!

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