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Learning Playing Guitar Online: Tips For Getting The Most Out Your Online Guitar Lessons
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Learning Playing Guitar Online: Tips For Getting The Most Out Your Online Guitar Lessons

1. Practice, practice, practice! Create an consistent schedule and habits. Pratice in a place where you can count on not having your concentration derailed. Several sessions of 20 to 30 minutes work longer than practicing for hours at a time.

2. Patience, patience, patience! Don't try to become Jimi Hendrix overnight – he sure didn't. And don't strive to simply imitate an excercise or lesson -- try to understand the "why" of it as well. Take your time and practice it as a slow tempo first.

3. Sit up straight. Guitar playing should not be a strain on your back, arms neck, or wrist. Pay attention to the postures of your instructors in your videos, and hold your pick between the tips of your thumb and forefinger—not with your index finger curled underneath. Also, spend some of your practice time standing: It's important to get used to that, too.

4. The beat goes on. Practicing with a metronome is as important as practicing with strings on your guitar. You've got to be able to play on and around the beat if necessary (after all, you'll have to listen to a drummer if you're in a band). If you can't afford to a metronome, you can use an online version. Again, start off at a slow tempo, and build up as you progress.

3. Change your strings regularly. Dull, old guitar strings sound bad and won't stay in tune, which can lead you to believe that you're the problem. If you're practicing each day, change them at least once a month. Don't wait until your strings break before you change them, and you should change all of your strings at the same time.

4. In a musical rut? If you feel frustrated and bored with your playing, check out the more advanced music lessons in your online guitar instruction program. Better yet, check out a lesson in a music genre you don't even like -- and try to figure out how to play it better! Or you can try you hand at fingerpicking if you usually practice with a guitar pick. Shaking up your practice routine can rejuvinate your perspective.

5. Persistence, persistence, persistence! At first, you may find yourself thinking finding the best beginner guitarist in you is a little overwhelming. You may find yourself practicing a bit and over again without without seeing any signs of improvement. Persistence is the key -- If you really have the motivation to learn, you'll stick with it, and you're almost guaranteed to see results.

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