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Live Performance Tips - The Show Must Go On
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Live Performance Tips

I know how nerve-racking putting on a show or performance can be, whether you're a dancer, comedian, musician, actor, etc. It takes a bit of courage to place yourself on that stage, in front of a group of complete strangers, and show them what you've got! I know, trust me, I've been in those shoes before my friend. Only I didn't have these tips that I'm about to hand overto you. During my past 8 years of performing live, I've learned many things, made many mistakes, but gained something from each experience.

1.Have fun. (Be confident)

Performing should always be fun, make that your number one priority. If you're not enjoying what you're doing, then there is no point in really doing it. Am I right? Relax! It will help you loosen up, and allow you to get the best out of the show you're about to steal! Stay calm, get a couple drinks in you if necessary, get in the right mind state before your set starts. Sometimes I put down a few beers before beginning my performance, however, I want you to keep in mind that you shouldn't be completely "trashed!" We don't want you falling off the stage, now do we?

2.Rehearsal/s. (Practice makes perfect)

Rehearse. I cannot stress this enough! Even if you're sitting in a room by yourself going through your lyrics, or playing a song, rehearse plenty before your performance day comes. Sometimes, you can get to the venue early and do a mic check, if you can't do this then don't sweat it, you will be more than ready to put on a great show. A typical set is normally 20-30 minutes, which is about a total of 5-7 songs, make sure you know these songs very well! If you happened to forget a few words during a song, just keep going along with it, as the awkward silence is a lot more to risk.

3. Stay organized. (Stay ready, so ya don't have to get ready) Now this is actually various things. Show up on time, know exactly what time to be on and off stage, and if it's a "fancy" place, make sure you're dressed proper. Things like this will definitely keep you one step ahead of everybody that you run into that night. Remember that, as performer, you are giving yourself an image on and off stage, so always be professional about what you do. Promote yourself when you can as well, if you have anything to plug in, (such as websites, albums, other projects, etc.) then do that in between songs or after.

4. Network. (Get around)

That's right, I said it. A lot of times, there will be multiple bands playing with you, and I think it's always good to introduce yourself to as many of them as you can. They might be curious about the type of music you play, and you might feel the same way about them. You guys can support eachother when you're up to bat, and you can also gain fans in the long run from knowing other musicians. Meet new people, meet new bands, artists, club owners, hand out Cd's, etc... the music industry definitely has it's up-sides.

That's about it. Everybody is there to have a good time, so don't forget to have fun, ya newbie! Practice is the key to success in everything, make sure you rehearse too much! Stay organized, keep it cool, and tear that place down! Feeling an adrenaline rush?? Then, use it to your advantage! Meet new bands, people, fans, network when you can. Stay positive, have a good time, make good memories... see you after the show!

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