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Playing Ukulele-learning How For Beginners
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Have you just recently just took the brave step and bought your first Ukulele? Or do you have a Ukulele and want to learn how to play it properly and skillfully? The thoughts of trying to learn a musical instrument especially for people not musically gifted (just like myself, a slow learner) may frighten or turn people off trying to learn, but the truth is, Ukuleles are a pretty easy instrument to learn.

Starting Of With A Ukulele

The great thing about Ukuleles (especially for parents) is it is one of the least expensive instruments to buy ranging from 10 dollars up to 200 dollars but most people starting off spend around 50 dollars. Just make sure it has a decent sound and it feels right in your hands.

Unlike a guitar, you pluck the strings as opposed to strumming as you would the guitar and this take a little getting use to but there are only four strings on the Ukulele so it becomes easier. Now there are many ways to learn how to play, some free some you pay for and these can range from using the Internet like Ukulele sites to You-tube, Paying for Music one on one lessons or using music software.

Using The Internet

It is very possible to learn how to play the Ukulele from using the Internet (bless the great Internet) and there are some wonderful sites like Ukulele Hunt and Ukulele Underground that are helpful. Also, there are thousands of how to play the Ukulele YouTube videos that have great tips and lessons that can guide you in the right direction.

Now the only problem here is it is not the same as having a teacher beside you, watching your every move and correcting you, slightly moving your fingers in to the right position and making sure you have tuned your instrument properly. Not been corrected can lead you to learning the wrong way from the start and this will drastically hinder future playing.

Paying For Lessons

Having a one on one teacher present is invaluable. This I highly recommend, but, they are expensive and most cannot afford this especially parents with other things to be worried about. But if you can afford it, go ahead and take Ukulele playing lessons as though it may take a few lessons, you will learn correctly from the start.

Using Music Software

Equally as good as having lessons once you have the right programme. A very popular Ukulele music software that has developed a cult following is “Beatniks Speak Ukulele Course” and it was designed to help beginners learn how to play Ukulele by ear, how to tune your instrument, read sheet music, learn over 168 chords and has interactive quizzes and hands on one on one interaction and it is like having some one with you.

I have been learning to play around 3 months now (slowly but very enjoyable). And like many, I want to improve simply because it is a fantastic instrument to play. In recent years it has become very popular and seems now to be the instrument to be seen playing, which is cool and it is also great that it is really that easy to learn how to play Ukulele though it takes practice and a little time but you will be surprised how quickly you learn, once you do it right from the beginning. What ever method you choose, do it right and enjoy it too.

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