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Should I Be A Full-time Musician?
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Perhaps you have asked yourself that question, especially if you do a lot of performing. There is a healthy balance one can find on this issue, that is why I decided to write this article, including thought provoking subheadings..... In its conclusion, you may be drawn to the answer best suited for your personal circumstances.

When will I know? At one time or another, you will be faced with the decision to get out there and learn how to make music at least part of your livelihood, or stick to the nine-to-five exclusively. It is understandable that you would get nervous, loose sleep, eat more ice cream at bedtime, etc. Well, maybe you can consider this.....usually, a hobby of some sort, if not kept in check, could get in the way of our employment, so the rule in this case is, if it gets in the way you'll have to put it in its place.

But what about the employment getting in the way of our music endeavors? This is frowned upon in most cases, especially with the wife. You will pretty much know when the right time comes to set more time aside for performances.....your contemplation can be like an uncomfortable feeling you get as you are preparing for work. It is a most awkward feeling as you get closer to the job. This may be your passion calling out to you.

Count the cost. As with anything, it is always wise to consider your contemplated steps forward at this point. Some appropriate questions to ask oneself I have enough clientele to create enough performances to in turn, at least to match my employable income? Am I prepared to scale down some of my expenses? One friend of mine, in building a guitar career, did quite well when considering questions like these.

Consult musicians you trust. No doubt you are familiar with at least a couple of full-timers. Get some of their feedback on the issue.....They will give you the needed advice to help you to come to the right decision. Just like any other profession, you definitely have to apply yourself. No one will give you anything.....really! With that last statement in mind, just think to yourself, "I want to be respected as a person" Do you get that respect simply because you want it? However, if you earn that respect then you receive it. So you have to chart your course in everything you do in life.

Whether you play guitars and bass, drums or keyboards, you have to be the best that you could possibly be! Of course, you never read anything in this article that encouraged quitting your job......That is certainly not the message here. I hope your time spent reading this article was helpful.

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