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Teaching Yourself Bass Guitar - Is It The Best Idea
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Teaching Yourself Bass Guitar  -  Is It The Best Idea

You have decided to learn bass guitar and you're very excited about it! You pick up your shiny new bass and pluck the first string, a thrill shoots through you. Now what? You want to know where to begin learning Bass Guitar. After all, how hard could it be? And you would be right. To begin learning the Bass Guitar is not hard at all.

Learning Online On The Internet

You could begin learning Bass Guitar online through the Internet. There are free lessons and people showing you how to play the bass parts to popular songs. They will show you exactly where to place your hands and how to pluck the strings.

There are players and teachers who show you all the parts of the instrument, the name of the strings, how to hold the instrument, how to play scales, how to play a blues, how to play slap bass and all of this online at your beck and call just by pointing your mouse and watching a video.

Teaching Yourself

You could decide to teach yourself. You can play entirely by ear, many have done it and have been successful at learning. You can listen to recordings of popular music over and over and develop an ear for what is being played, and imitate the bass player.

In fact, this is the way I started to learn to play.

Oops, Back To The Drawing Board?

However, at some point you will have to re-examine all that you have done to that point to determine the adequacy of it in terms of where you want to go. In other words are you being the musician that you want to be. If the answer is that you are not satisfied, then it may be time to get some help. Because after doing all that you can do on your own, no matter how far you think you've come, there is always more to learn. You know the saying, "You don't know what you don't know." It couldn't be truer than when discussing playing an instrument.

In Truth - No One Teaches Themselves

In my experience, no one has learned everything about anything entirely by themselves. Books, videos, recordings and online lessons can only take you so far and then you'll need to get a critique and some proper instruction. This may mean that much of what you've been doing that has become habit must now be undone and replaced with a more effective approach or technique.

Do You Have The Time?

And there is a time factor in all of this. Consider the time you spend learning to do things your way and the difficulty of relearning. If you are shown proper technique from the beginning and practice proper technique, you have a foundation upon which you can build a future. This is what proper instruction provides.

After all, you will want to become a properly instructed music professional. Then you will be able to meet almost every challenge that comes your way when you begin to sell your skills.

A True Story

There is a great story about one of the most creative and inventive Guitarist to ever play the instrument. When Wes Montgomery was doing his first solo album with strings and horns, the Producers would book a recording session date, the musicians would show and Wes would be nowhere to be found.

When they finally found him and asked him why he had disappeared he said he was embarrassed to play in front of all those classically trained conservatory musicians. Even the great Wes Montgomery felt there was much more that he could have learned by having proper instruction.

Street Talk

So true Wayne. Is it the best idea? That's why bass is so popular because within a few minutes you can get a decent tone on it compared to violin or trumpet. Getting proper instruction from the start is the way to go. The idea that studying theory will hamper a musicians improvisational skills or stop their creative juices from flowing is silly.

  about 9 years ago
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