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Thinking About Taking Piano Lessons? Here's What You Should Know
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Thinking About Taking Piano Lessons? Here\'s What You Should Know

Are you an aspiring pianist? Do you love listening to the piano and finally want to learn how to master this beautiful and versatile instrument?

The good news is, piano is relatively easy to learn (compared to other instruments). And, there are plenty of great teachers in your local area you can learn from.

But before you dive in and start taking private lessons right away, there are a few things you should keep in mind:

1. Experience and qualifications - Before you hire a private piano teacher, you should check out their credentials and experience. They don't have to be a world-touring pianist that plays with the most prestigious symphonies around, but they should have some experience under their belt as a performer AND as a teacher. A simple B.M. in music could suffice. Just keep in mind that the more qualified a teacher is, the more you will pay per hourly lesson. The goal is to try and strike a balance between experience, qualifications and your needs as a beginning pianist.

2. Personality and learning style - Another thing you need to think about before taking piano lessons is your own personality and learning style. Choosing a teacher just because they're the best in your town or city could be a recipe for disaster. That's because you need to mesh well with your teacher's personality. And he or she needs to understand how you learn. Everybody is different and not everyone is a good fit. That's why you need to be aware of your personality, quirks and preferred learning style... and treat hiring a piano teacher almost like an employer hiring someone at a job interview.

3. Your musical goals - Are you wanting to become the next Glenn Gould? Or maybe you just want to be able to play your favorite song good enough, so your friends and family can enjoy it too. Your musical goals should dictate the level of experience and qualifications you'll need from your teacher. If you're just doing it as a hobby and want to have fun learning, then you don't need someone who has a PhD in Piano Performance. Likewise, if you want to enter and have a chance at winning a prestigious international piano competition, then you may want to consider hiring only the very best in your region.

4. Your lesson budget - Most beginning pianists wonder how much piano lessons are. And with good reason... everyone has a different amount to spend on their musical education. So determine in advance how much money you can spend each month on piano lessons and you'll be well on your way to getting yourself set up.

So there you have it. Consider these four things before you begin playing piano seriously with a teacher. It will save you a lot of heartache and frustration down the road.

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