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Tools For Learning Guitar
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Tools for Learning Guitar

What are the Best Tools for Learning Guitar?

Guitar players look for all sorts of different ways to pick up songs quicker. So what tools for learning guitar would you need to develop?

I have found the easy way to learn songs quickly is to find out how the songs tablature is arranged. There are tons of guitar tablature books out there with your favourite musicians work in it. Mostly every band will have songs and albums in guitar tablature format. The artists will also have there music down on a sheet music score but this is harder to relate to and read if you are beginning you guitar journey.

The Tools for Learning Different Styles

There are “method books” that will show you step by step how to play a particular style or genre , these books usually come with a DVD and great instructional videos sometimes by the artist themselves! Some tablature books will come with CDs with audio examples of songs to play along with. There really is an endless resource out there.

Everyone has there own learning method this is equally true with guitarists. Some guitarists are self taught, some prefer the one-on-one coaching a guitar teacher can give you. Using a teacher can come at a price usually an hourly rate, but if you have the right teacher for your learning style this will greatly improve your guitar skills and will add to your tools for learning guitar.

In the last 5 years or so, more people are signing up to online guitar lessons. These have come into there own as a proven method to help you develop on the guitar. The cost involved are a lot lower tha private tuition and these sites have more than one tutor on them so you can find a tutor you can relate to. The use of tab books, dvds or CDs are good for learning but to make the jump from good to great I suggest checking out some form of online guitar lessons. At the end of the day this will work out a cheaper, more convenient and more hands on way to learn guitar than any other method. These sites are great tools for learning guitar, also great for picking up introduction e-books which will help you develop.

Learning Guitar Books

Books have been a good resource tool for a number of years now especially the ones that come with audio examples. DVDs are ok as long as the DVD lessons come with some form of book. Again this can become expensive when buying lots of books and DVDs. When learning with books or DVDs you can easily loose your place if your interupted and you would have to find your place again by going back to the start of the song and following the tab through till you reach the part you where at. This can be frustrating and cut into your practice time. Online lessons are great for starting where you left off. A web page combines all the elements of playing , so your audio, tab or videos are all in synch no need to go back to the beginning of the song and re-trace your steps. More and more, online lessons are becoming powerful tools for learning guitar.

Books and DVDs have to be sent out to you by post or you will have to take a trip to your city center to find a store which has a good stock of guitar material. This will cost time and money. Subscribing to guitar magazines can also be good tools for learning guitar but again how much is the monthly subscription going to be? Weight up the costs and find a method to learn that will both improve you skills and not brake your bank account.

Online Lessons- Great Tools for Learning Guitar

As mentioned previously online guitar lessons are a great learning resource. Not only do you have the step by step indtruction you need you wiull have access to more video, tab and audio lessons as the website will be able to hold more information on it than a few books or DVDs can. This will only get bigger as more and more of these lessons are posted over time. You take a guitar site who has been around for a number of years chances are they will continue to add more content to there site to improve it for its visitors.

All the above tools for learning guitar have their pros and cons. Find a method which suits your guitar style, stick to it and watch yourself improve.

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