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Turn Your Beatmaking Hobby Into A Real Moneymaking Business
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Turn Your Beatmaking Hobby Into A Real Moneymaking Business

“I should be making money with these beats!!!”

Have you ever said that to yourself, after sitting around making beats all day, and coming to the realization that you are broke and have nothing to show for all of you crate digging, and dope work on your keyboard Fruity Loops , Dub Turbo or Reason or what ever you use to make beats?

If you have, you more than likely need a plan of action to get your productions producing you some money!!

First off , you should understand what kind of money I’m talking about. I’m not talking millions. At least not yet!! I want to talk about more realistic money. Did you know that there are many people that you will never hear of who are making five or six figures from selling beats online?

Well its true, think about this. If you have ever sold beats locally you do know that there are people out there who want to buy beats. Your beats. And if you have made a decent amount of money that way, could you imagine the amount you could pull in if you could expose your beats to your whole city.

How about even your state or even the surrounding states? You should be able to see where I’m going with this because we all know the internet can expose you the entire world!!! But this may sound like a daunting task, that is until you get a plan.

Im going to assume that you already make beats and have some equipment and a good amount of beats recorded already. But just in case there is a complete beginner reading this, I’ll start this plan from the top.

• First you will need something to make beats with. There are tons and tons of software and hardware you can use to make radio ready tracks that aspiring artist will shell out bucks for.

Some hardware you can get ahold of is one of my favorites, and that is the Roland MV-8000, and or a Fantom keyboard. There are many other brands of this type of equipment but this is what I learned on. And you are going to need a computer with a recording program such as Logic or Pro Tools etc.

But I’ll warn you that this hardware route can get expensive….

So an alternative is to get software. It can get expensive depending upon what you want, but you can get pro sounding results with something cheap as Dub Turbo and Audacity used together! Beyond that you can get stuff like Fruity Loops, Reason etc. So there is the first part of the master plan!

• Second, you should market your beats. Online of course. But you don’t know how to do that. Well marketing your beats online is a form of internet marketing. Pretty much anytime any thing is sold successfully online it can be called internet marketed lol! But there are a few sites I know of that will teach you specifically to market your beats.

• Third you need some real estate. Well if you’re going to sell beats online you need a store!! And real estate is called a website if you will. This is not nearly as hard as it seems. You can pay to have someone design a site for you and maybe you should in the future, but for now you can get a go daddy domain for dirt cheap and build a free Word Press site and be up and running. There are thousands of templates you can choose from, so find one with a structure that works for how you want to set up your beat site.

• Fourth you can expand you game. What I mean by that is to work on your craft. You are now competing with beatmakers from around the world and there are some baaaad dudes, and chicks making some heat with their equipment and instruments.

So if you want to stay on top and keep them on their toes I suggest learning how to play the piano/keyboards. Other instruments are definitely recommended, but for beatmakers using software programs, you should know that they function in the capacity of a piano.

If you can play it, you can pretty much play any instrument sound there is. Learning other instruments, especially the piano will remove limits on what you can create more and more the better you get.

• And Fifth. This one is the cheapest of all. Its free! Staying consistent. If you do this half assed or give up because the money didn’t come pouring in overnight, you will never..ever..ever..ever succeed lol!

But seriously, this is not a get rich plan, or even a guarantee that you will get a placement on the next Drake or Lil Wayne album. Above all you should have a love for making beats. If not these five steps will be stupid hard, if not impossible for you. I do belive that anyone with talent, who works hard at this can make money from their beats this way. It is totally possible to even replace your 9 to 5 this way, but you have to be consistent, and above all else you have to love your craft enough become the best at it!!

Hustle hard and make some Kool S#$% Lol!


Mike Troy

Street Talk

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