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Why Are Your Beats Collecting Dust Instead Of Being Sold Online?
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Why Are Your Beats Collecting Dust Instead Of Being Sold Online?

You are a talented beatmaker/producer, why are you not making money because of it?

Well why aren’t you?

Everyone who hears your music says “yoooo!! Jay-Z would kill that son!!” Chicks like your beats and they start dancing sexy when you play a beat CD for some people! All of the local rappers are checking for your brand of heat, and you may make a couple of bucks from them, but nothing serious.

And I know, you’re probably a realist, and know that you have to “know somebody” or sell your soul to be in the industry. So even though music is your passion and you deserve to earn a living because of your music, you instead continue to spend 40hrs a week at a job you’d rather not be at, when you could be spending that time making beats and making money because of them.

Sadly, this is reality for many talented producers. I believe that for every hot beat that comes on the radio or out on a major label project, there are 100 hotter beats from dope producers who we will never hear. While those producers go off to their 9 to 5s everyday, they leave at home on hard drives some of the hottest beats the world will never hear!!

Are you one of these producers? I know all to well that there only so many spots in the industry and that there are millions aspiring for those spots, but that does not mean that you cannot get your beats out to the world still.

People promote everything under sun on the internet, so why not you promote you beats on line? Do you realize how many aspiring artist are out there looking for beats? And everyone wants the hottest beat they can find and you may have it!!

If you build a website promoting you beats you can sell your beats to artist around the world over and over again! You could sell one beat hundreds of times literally. You will literally be able to make money in your sleep because of your beats!!

This is no B.S. There are site like Rocwilders site who does this all of time! I know he’s a famous producer already, but I can show you many others who have profitable beat sites up and running.

The cool thing is that artists will always need beats!! Once they buy a beat from you, and they record rhymes over it, guess what?

They need another beat!!! If you’re hot enough for them to have recorded one song over one of your beats, they’ll more than likely come back for more. Over time you will build clientele and word will get around the web and you will be making money from your beats.

You can do this on sites like Soundclick or even My Space profiles, but the most effective way may be to build your very own site and learn to market it to get the best results.

So are you one of those cats with hot beats collecting dust on a hard drive, instead of making money from them? If so it may be time to get focused and learn how to market and sell them online. Follow me out front, I’ll teach you how stunt!!

Hustle hard and make some Kool S#$% Lol!


Mike Troy

Street Talk

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