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You Will Fail At Selling Beats Online If You Dont Stay Consistent
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You Will Fail at Selling Beats Online If You Dont Stay Consistent

It wont happen overnight, but you can make real money online with your beats.

In life there are not shortcuts to anyplace worth going. I don’t remember where I’ve heard that quote before, but I will say that is one of the realist things I’ve ever heard.

If you workout, play any kind of sport, had to study to get through a course etc, when your hard work got you to the end result of what you were working towards, that quote in some form or fashion may have resonated with you in that moment.

Which brings me to making money online with your beats. It can be done, There are many people doing it. Also many have failed miserably at it. I guess you would like to know how not to be the latter. Well quite frankly, you need to get your mind right!!

Getting your Mind Right!

First of all, you should get rid of the idea that the only people making money from beats are the people you see on BET, MTV, VH1 or those other mainstream mediums. There is nothing wrong with aspiring to get to that level, but there is a lot of money to made along the way!

Next thing is… you should be nice!! I mean listen to whats hot and make sure that what you make is in the same lane. I don’t mean be unoriginal or to bite other artist and producers out there, but you should know that you are the s**t!

Nobody wants to pay for garbage beats and if you don’t make fire you’re wasting your time and the time of everyone who stops to listen. If this is your passion, you should always be looking for ways to improve.

This means learning instruments, digging for more obscure samples, learning new software etc. Be a student of the game, even if you’re considered a master by some.

There are millions of artist around the world who need beats. If you have read my work before, I say this a lot to remind everyone because its easy to forget that the young guy who takes out the trash at your job or drives the taxi cab is a dope lyricist who spends his money buying beats to record his demo/mixtape after work.

Now expand your vision and see this same guy or girl millions of times over around the world who is trying to make a mark on the world lyrically and they need a sonic backdrop, ie: your beats to do that with. These are you customer base and possible income stream.

Now back to getting your mind right. In order to capitalize on this and sell beats online, you need to get organized and get your real estate set up. Meaning you need to build a website to sell your beats from. This aint hard, but if you seriously want to create a substancial income from your beats, its necessary.

Then you need to learn how to internet market your beats. Why? Because you trying to sell something on the internet, Duh huh!! Lol!

As I’m sure you already know, you can market and sell anything online, but more than likely you have never done that before so you will need some training on specifically selling you beats online. Cool, I know a couple guys who can help you out.

Dont Give Up

This is the most important part. Staying consistent. Coming full circle here, it wont happen over night. Think of any successful business. They all started small and grew to what ever amount of success they obtained. Just because you build a site full of hard ass beats doesn’t mean you will make 10 grand a week the next week lol! It is possible,… but highly unlikely.

But back to reality. There is a bit of grinding as far as internet marketing that needs to happen, and its like planting a seed. Plants don’t grow over night and neither will you business. But if you stay with it, keep making new hot beats, and keep marketing, the sky is the limit. It is totally possible to replace your 9 to 5 from selling beats. Set realistic goals and when you achieve them, set new higher goals.

People fail due to lack of consistency. Just know that there others out there doing it big! If they’ve done it. You can do it too. The only ways to fail are by half assing it or giving up. If you don’t do either one of these, you’ll be fine!!

Hustle hard and make some KoolS#$% Lol!


Mike Troy

Street Talk

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