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Slaughterhouse: Shady's New Super Group
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Slaughterhouse: Shady\'s New Super Group

Slim Shady has outdone himself this time, signing four of the greatest emcees that has every blessed the mic. If you call yourself a hip hop fan and aren't excited about this SuperGroup who has been around since 2008, then its time to hand in your hip hop card.

Slaughter House Members.

It seems funny but why these four rappers weren't placed in a group sooner, amazes me even until this day. Joe Budden, Joell Ortiz, Crooked I and Royce da 5'9, can stand alone in hip hop, but together they create an unstoppable force of music. All four of these members hail from different parts of the country(New Jersey, New York, California and Detriot), but all share similar backgrounds and lifestyles that contribute to their hard edge type of hip hop.

Slaughterhouse Beginnings:

The group was formed in the later part of 2008 when all the group members including Nino Bless got together on the album by Joe Budden's called Halfway House. The group dynamic clicked so well together that they decided to form a group(outside of their own personal careers called Slaughterhouse). Their self titled album was released in 2009 under the E1 music label. Sadly, though the album was far from promoted which resulted in the CD's sell less than 100,000. In my opinion this album was horribly underrated with tracks such as: Wack M.C's; Onslaught, and Microphone, this album should have sold more than all four of the Carter's combined.

The Sad Truth about Hip Hop(My opinions)

I'll try to keep this short, my intention is to expose you(my readers) to this awesome hip hop group that has gone unseen for about four years now. Despite this fact most people seem to be content with the current state of hip hop( hip slop) that has come out. All these new fads and bad lyricists that make hip hop, look less than mediocre have crept into radio stations and television screen and taken over. The truth is that real hip hop is truly underground and not on T.V. (Sorry for that rant over back to the good stuff).

Slaughterhouse 2011 and Beyond.

Thanks to the resurgence of B.E.T's "The Cypher" Slaughterhouse was given a chance to show what they were made of and proved to the world why they are the best hip hop group out and quite possibly one of the best hip hop groups ever. With millions of people now exposed to their talents and their associations with Slim Shady this group has perfected the formula for success. Welcome to Our House is the name of their new C.D. that is set to be released sometime this year. Hammer dance a song on their upcoming C.D. was released on March 16 through Itunes.

Looking towards the future.

What's in store for this latest hip hop group... no one can say all that can be said is that most likely; very good things. Hopefully this is a sign of the times going back to the way they should hardcore lyrics, rugged natures and nonchalant attitudes that true lovers of hip hop enjoy. Personally, Im tired of bubble gum rap, everybody is so successful and has lost that one key element that made rap fun and gritty.....Hunger.

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