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5 Tips On How To Take Care Electric Guitar
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These tips are very useful especially for those of you who have just bought a new electric guitar. With these tips you can keep the guitar in good condition, and giving you years of pleasure and service. In addition to taking proper care of it, you will be able sell it at a good price may be even what you paid for it at the time of purchase.

1. Cleaning your guitar body routine.

The guitar must always be cleaned after use. To clean your guitar it is not necessary to buy the special items for cleaning that are available at guitar stores, as they are very costly.

A sponge or cloth with a soft base material, or a special fabric used for cleaning glasses, would be ideal. This fabric can be used to clean the body of the electric guitar, as it will not scratch or damage the guitar while cleaning.

For cleaning perspiration stains on the body of the guitar, a soft cloth moistened could be used. Only the part where the perspiration stain is should be rubbed very gently. Once the stain is removed, then the next step is to dry the particular area. A soft cloth of the same texture used for cleaning the stain, must be used for drying as well.

2. Perform maintenance on your guitar strings.

The strings are the most important part of your guitar. The strings must be cleaned after use, as they are also part of the electric guitar. If the strings are not cleaned after use, this will cause damage to your guitar.

Electric guitar strings are usually made of steel, and gets corroded very easily. It is very important that this should be considered, as the strings are the main part of an electric guitar.

A soft cotton fabric that absorbs water must be used for cleaning the strings of an electric guitar.

A dry cloth must be used to clean the guitar strings. The strings must be cleaned very gently rubbing each string alternately, several times, until the strings feel dry to the touch.

If the strings are not rough to the touch, then you are sure the strings are dry.

3. Cleaning the other parts.

Besides, the body and strings section, the neck, headstock, tuning machines, and bridge cleaning must also be done.

The headstock consists of two sides the front and rear, the front is to avoid scratches. A soft cloth the same type for cleaning the body must be used.

As far as the back of the headstock and neck are concerned, a soft cloth can be used. As for the small parts where dust collects, and are difficult to reach, especially the tuning machines and bridge, a small brush would be ideal. This brush must be kept only for the purpose of cleaning the guitar.

4. Put your electric guitar in a safe place.

After use, your electric guitar must be kept in a safe place. The guitar must not be kept against a wall, or at the edge of a table. A guitar kept in places such as these is risky, as it could fall and cause damage to your guitar. The repair could cost you a considerable sum, or the cost may not be worth repairing, and you may be left with no option but to purchase a new one.

For keeping your guitar safe from damage, it will be prudent for you to invest in a guitar hangar, or stand. This may cost you a considerable sum initially, but this will keep your guitar from any damage that could be caused through accident or carelessness. Though on one hand the initial cost will be high, but on the other hand you will not only be saving on repairs, but your guitar will give you more years of service.

5. Protecting your electric guitar from dust.

After you have cleaned all parts of the guitar it is advisable that the guitar should be kept in a case suitable for your guitar. This will serve as a good dust protector for your guitar. It must also be kept in mind that dust can damage your guitar, especially small areas that are difficult to reach. This would mean your spending money unnecessarily on repairs.

A guitar like any other item needs to be used carefully and after use cleaned and put in its case and in a place where it will not be exposed to dust or rain.

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