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7 Music Production Tips For The Newbie Hip Hop Producer
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7 Music Production Tips For the Newbie Hip Hop Producer

Producing tracks like the Neptunes ain't gonna happen overnight, but these 7 music production tips for the newbie hip hop producer will have you producing club ready tracks in absolutely no time at all.

1. It Doesn't Matter What Gear You Use, But How You Use It

Many producers who get in the game feel as if they have to use this software or that software, this beat machine or that MPC in order to make fire tracks; but the truth is, it's not the gear you use but how you use that gear. Before you go off and buy another piece of equipment, learn the ins and outs of what you are using, and perfect it. Newer equipment won't make you better, practicing your craft will.

2. You're only as good as your mix

Always remember, you will get out whatever it is that you put in, this translates to noise in, noise out. Clean recording signal in, clean recordings out. You cannot fix it in the mix as the old terminology goes. Try your best to get the best take from the beginning, so that you will have the best material possible to work with when mixing. This probably should have been at the top of my music production tips list.

3. Learn To Listen With Your Ears

And protect your ears at all times. As a producer, your ears are your most important instrument. Don't damage them listening to Lil Wayne at an unnecessarily loud volume. Your ears will tell you what's needed, what's next.

4. Imitate and Emulate, Fake It Till You Make It

The best learning comes from imitating those who are already doing it and doing it well. Youtube has thousands of videos on music production tips and techniques that will assist you in becoming a better producer. Watch. Copy. Imitate. Learn. Execute.

5. Less Is More

Many newbie producers make the mistake of thinking that you need to add more tracks in order to make your tracks sound "better." This is simply not the case. You'll be surprised at how many #1 hits were recorded with no more than 8 tracks total, or less. It's all about structuring and arrangement. Know that.

6. Whistle While You Twerk

Have fun making beats! Ain't no sense in beating yourself over the head concerning the technical stuff, you will learn those things, and the knowledge will come. You just have to keep it moving and keep making beats. Music making should be fun and enjoyable, not stiff and quiz like. Do what you do.

And the last of my music production tips for the newbie producer:

7. Walk it out!

This is a game of consistency, not a game of who can get it done the fastest. As you know practice DOES make perfect. Perfect your beatmaking skills by making beats daily, and walking it out as the saying goes. Keep it moving, all that good stuff.

If you follow my music production tips, I have no doubt in my mind that you will be successful with your beatmaking endeavors in absolutely no time... Better Beats Ahead.

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