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Beginner Acoustic Guitar Lessons
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Beginner Acoustic Guitar Lessons

Hey, glad you made it! I know how long you've been wanting to really learn beginner acoustic guitar lessons! How do I know that? Because if you're like me then anything that is really important to you in life generally gets put off and you put everybody Else's needs before your own. So that's why I'm really delighted that you are reading this article. I'm going to give you a few tips on how to get started so that you can put your beginner acoustic guitar lessons on your list of priorities and get started, because you know what? You deserve it!

1. First off, don't go and spend a small fortune on getting your first guitar. Any simple guitar is fine to get started with. In fact you might even find one by asking family or friends as lots of times people may have a guitar lying around that they are not using and will be willing to lend you.

2. Try to get into a daily schedule of practice time. At least 15 minutes a day but make that everyday. It is much more important to be consistent than the actual time you will spend practicing. If you stick to this 15 minutes a day you will be playing your favorite tunes in no time at all.

3. Playing the song you are learning on your PC or disc player can be a great help. This way you can strum along and pick up the rhythm a lot easier and faster than you could otherwise. It's also a lot more fun this way.

4. Singalong - Never mind how self conscience you are at first. Try singing along, because this will also greatly improve the speed in which you learn and make things lots of fun. Even if you don't have the greatest voice (like me!), when you get to singing along your voice will gradually get better as you become more confident.

5. Don't give a damn about what people say! Very soon they will be asking for 'just one more song'. Yep you will be the life and soul of every party or get together and your popularity will flourish. Imagine that! Everybody just loves someone who can play the guitar.

6. Tune into the child within. Children have a special innocence about them that lets them stride ahead without thinking about what people will say. You need to tune in to this innocence and just enjoy yourself without having any prohibitions. This way your guitar playing will take off at a much greater speed and you'll be having a super time learning.

7. Find yourself a good beginners online guitar lessons course and stick with it. They are very inexpensive and you'll get a few lessons for free to get you started. And don't forget the most important thing - You are worth it!

Street Talk

I agree that playing along with your PC or disc player can be a big help. I always do this when I try to learn a new song, that way I make sure that I learn not only the chords or notes of the song but also the rhythm and timing as well.

  about 1 decade ago

Excellent tips Hani! I like specially the setting of time in a day to learn. When I got crazy to learn way back in high school, everybidy was watching TV but I stayed in the room to learn how to play guitar.

  about 1 decade ago

It has been my dream to play guitar, got one and a course but seems to struggle with my big fingers. Will definitely stick with your tips, thanks for a excellent article Hani.

  about 1 decade ago

I've always been a fan of music. Thanks.

  about 1 decade ago
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